Emotional and Physical Strength

That's what life is taking out of me right now. Emotional and Physical Strength. And, I am trying to hang in there...
Psalm 103:1. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me. Bless His holy name.

I took Mackenzie for her 18 month check up! We did a little delayed vaccines with her this time around and she got an excellent report! She is still a peanut, but weighs 21 lbs. (10 % for her age), but in the 95% for her height. Since it's my second baby, I don't give a rip about all that. Kids are what they are. I don't stress about where charts say they need to be when they are 100% healthy. She is a smart little sucker and went pee pee on the potty this weekend. Clearly, it was random since right now I don't have a ton of extra time and energy to begin potty training with her!

My dad met with his surgical oncologist today. If you missed the last post. He had a place on his back that came up as Stage 1 Melonma Cancer. They are going to go in and shoot dye through his back on August 10th to see what lymph nodes they are going to be taking out. From then, on August 18 he will have them removed, tested, and also portions of his skin, tissue, and muscle removed where the cancer was. I still have no further thoughts except we are handling the shock of this news as best we know how. It's hard to process something when it's sudden like this. You just are forced to trust the Lords hand and know he is mighty, and the Almighty God.

My grandmother will probably be transitioned into an assisted living home in the next week. We have all contemplated her moving in with different members of the family, but it doesnt seem to be the best path. She has been independent for 25 years and doesnt really respond well when family tries to step in and take care of her.... I think she will be happier and our relationship with her will be better, if she lives independently among peers with the supervision of a nurse instead of us. My mom and dad have kept her at their house for the past several weeks and it's been really difficult, especially dealing with my dad's news. Sometimes elderly people with dimentia start rebelling against eating, bathing, and normal things like little children. My parents carry this burden heavily because they don't want to let her go, but have realized this will be a better living situation since she has fallen so many times. It's a hard thing, there is guilt for putting her in an assisted living, but even more guilt you risk of her getting injured within your own care.

The house renovation is going well. Click on the link to check out our progress! Just exhausting! I posted these pics on facebook because they are so funny..... these pictures show the transformation of myself through the renovation of this house, it truly takes a toll on you , but i had to share them with my blog friends! After all, you have seen my belly GIGANTIC with both babies =) I know, I might just be a little flat out crazy. Anyway, here is to life! All we can do is always hope, pray, and wait in expectation for the Lord to show up in big ways. He has proven to me he always does. So, in this season... I will not doubt Him. I don't go down easy!


Sara said...

i have not been much into blogging these days so am just finding out about your dad...I WILL BE PRAYING FOR HIM and your family! Chris is home by himeself for a few weeks and is missing his babies like crazy so if you guys need a little help I am sure he would love to do whatever he can! oh...and dang girl! you are looking good! love ya and hope to see you soon!!!

The Riddle's said...

I need to start renovating a house so I can look like that!!

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