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Well, we moved my grandmother into Assisted Living this past weekend. This was also the weekend of my 10 year high school reunion! Which by the way, went flawless and was an absolute blast. I also have no idea why I did not decide to take any pictures! I am hoping my friends turned out instead ;)
Anyway, we left the reunion and went to move my grandmother out of her house and into assisted living. Honestly, it was a hard day.
But, update. She could not be happier. She was actually excited about moving in. After a neurological appointment last week and having tests run at St. Josephs, we were told to not leave her by herself anymore. She either needed to be in assisted living or move in with family and have full time care when we weren't there. We tried this and she was pretty unhappy with family caring for her. I watched her over the weekend with my kids and my nerves were fried. I took all of them to the grocery store and my grandmother about walked out in front of a car. It's funny how elderly people and young toddlers can be so similar. But honestly, caring for elderly is harder because they are "people size" and you can't just pick them up or move them when in danger like kids. Anyway, long story short, she loves it here. She has friends, activities, meals, rails everywhere, and a full social calendar. I think she really enjoys being with other people in her life stage. There seems to be something healing about sharing life with others..... since she has been widowed for so long, loneliness can be a sad thing.
As nice of a place as it is and as much as she loves it, it still stings. It stings and I cry every time I visit because in all reality, she won't be moving out. I mean, rarely, does a person go in here and then moves out. This is a new transition for a safe environment for her to live in. It is also sad because even though it's not the case, there is a certain feeling of "abandonment." You see elderly people in there who NEVER have visitors, and it's really sad. We obviously are wearing the doors out of that place, but it still is hard releasing control to a facility over a loved one's life.
Anyway, I know this is an emotional post, but this is my life right now. We made the right decision, my grandmother is super happy, we are now able to rest easy knowing she won't fall all the time, but..... it is a transition that is having to sink in. And it's hard.

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Cecilia said...

I gotta chuckle at the active living community, but I think it's great you can live there! Good luck on the final phases of the house.

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