28 Turning 55, Laugh it up!

Okay, I did find one picture from my 10 year high school reunion that turned out =) I tend to forget my camera most places I go, or I bring it and just don't take any. Anyway, here is a picture of us at our dinner table! I wish I had taken more pictures with my friends. We had the greatest time and I bonded literally all night with some of my best friends that live far away! Bryan from Miami, and Kelli, Meredith, and Nicole from Birmingham! I already miss you guys so much and hope we can reunite again soon!
I'd also like to officially announce that we are gypsies. Yes, we are moving one more time before we move into our new house, the house renovation. I realize in posting this that:
A. I have no filter anymore for what is appropriate to share and not share.
B. If I were ever embarrassed or cared about what people think about our life..... well, that would have been tossed out the window a while ago!
Here's the deal. My grandmother, read the post below, just got moved into assisted living. So, we are going to have to put her house on the market and sell it. Well, her old house happens to be only 1 mile from Nellie Mae, our house renovation. So... I don't know if timing is everything, but we are going to move in and finish our house. We only have a few weeks left of work on the house...... we think it will go much quicker if we live near it. Right now, we are an hour commute one way to it. Nellie Mae is also right next to Tim's school, which means we will see eachother more. He has been going to school/ work/ working on the house... and we never see eachother. Now, we can work on the house and be 5 minutes from "home." And, with the phase we are entering...."Reconstructive and Interior" it is going to take time to paint, install cabinets, and start putting everything into the house. We will live there for a few weeks and also be packing up my grandmother's things and getting her house ready to sell for her.
There is one catch. It is a brand new house in an Active Adult Community. That's right. Laugh away. We are 28 year olds living in a 55 and up neighborhood. I didn't think our life could get much more awesome, and it just did.
On a for real note, we are sad to leave the "Party House" at the Willis' (Tims parents). They are a fun time. And we will all enter depression from here on out because they literally throw dinner parties, pool parties, tennis parties, parties for parties 24/7. They are the most gracious, sincere, amazing, giving, and all around awesome people out there. You see that instantly when you meet them, but they REALLY live that way behind closed doors. They are even better actually... just amazing people. Living with them has changed us in ways we could have never changed. Their marriage and lives have modeled before us something we'll never forget. We are forever indebted to the love you have shown us and our children. We love you Chef and Momo.

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