I won.

First of all, thanks for all the sweet messages concerning my dad. It is so encouraging to know that others around me are praying for him too. I hope to share some good results really soon!

Now for some comic relief, I won. Yep. I finally got the Storage Unit to clean our sofas. If you missed my post a few days ago, entitled "Buttholes", our sofas got a little dirty from a "Mice Break-In" into our storage unit. One corner was a little chewed and I was just generally grossed out and wanted them professionally cleaned. Chad, the owner, assured me he would do that. Then, he kept getting "busy" and "didn't have time." That didn't fly well with me because let me tell you something..... I assure you I am a heck of a lot busier than Chad who works 9-5 at a storage unit, okay?!! Well, 32 phone calls later (almost every day) and he finally consented. He just was showing poor business and not sticking to his word. And I have babies crawling on these sofas!! So, just in time before we move in, he finally consented and they are clean!
That's right, I said 32 phone calls. He was on my speed dial and I called him everyday when my kids were the loudest so I could be really annoying. But I am happy. They look and smell brand new. And I won.


Brandon and Jamie said...

did you really take a pic of the guy cleaning your couches??? hahahhaah!

Calley and Josh Willis said...

good job Jen! You are my hero! And we are so happy to hear that your dad's surgery went well.

Cecilia said...

Good for you! I want you in my corner if I ever need backup :)

The Doves said...

I am so amazed that you won.... I was not sure he would follow through.. Perhaps God nudged him a bit!!! So happy for you, they look great.

jennifer said...

haha! thanks for the comments, the whole ordeal is kind of funny now... and jamie, dont worry, that wasn't chad i photographed. he was too chicken to ever see me face to face and he sent some "amigos" over to do the work ;)

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