Best. News. Ever.

I only have about 5 seconds, but my dad got the call.... a good call!! He is in the clear!

All his tests came back negative. The cancer is all removed from his back and no cancer cells appeared in any of the lymph nodes that were removed. Wahoo!

Even though it was Stage 1 cancer, it was still cancer and they will watch him. He will still indefinitely be going to the doctor every 3 months to be checked, and has to go back to get his incision checked, but he is doing great!

We are blessed and so grateful that God has lifted this burden and sickness. We pray that it does not return.

Thank you again for all your prayers!


Lindsey said...

Oh Jennifer!!! That is great news! God is so good!

Sara said...

Thank You Jesus! Rest assured we will continue praying!

Rachel said...


Jeff and Kelli Bollman :) said...

Praise God!!! What wonderful news! I have been praying for your family and thinking of you often! :)

Cecilia said...


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