A New Ride

So here is the deal with our new (er) car, had to post pics for our fam b/c we bought it on our way out of town to Florida!
Our best friends had a friend that was selling this for an incredible deal, like almost half off. So, we decided to sell both our semi-reliable cars for one super reliable car and then just buy tim a little pick up truck for HVAC school.

It's a 2007 Saturn Relay. And by far the nicest car we've ever owned. It's a minivan on the inside, but kind of an SUV on the outside. A Crossover I think. I love it more than my minivan and old 4 Runner.

Anyway, it's the newest addition to our family. It makes driving with my kids and dog a little more fun =)

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J said...

Found your blog by accident. Every one needs are newer car.
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