David is 4

David. His name means "beloved." And beloved he is!

He turned 4 on September 19, 2010. I have to say, reading back on my blog about little dave has made me realize what a big boy he is. He has gone from a wild and crazy, out of control little toddler, to an adoring little man.

I think the 3's were huge for him. He learned a lot from having a sister to take care of, we moved, and renovated a house. I also started preschool with him at home. He will always be "Baby David", but I can honestly say he is developing into such a smart, sweet, and fun little boy.

David is a joy. He lights up our life and tells everyone that Jesus is his best friend. I know he'll be a little rock, just like his daddy.

We've come so far with him, birthdays are a milestone marker for me. We battled it out with David and sewed and sewed with him.... now I see the harvest it has reaped in his life.
Don't get me wrong, he still says crazy things, terrorizes but adores his sister, figured out to crank a car and open a gallon of paint this summer...... but, we've come a long way. He has also started to stutter a little bit, but I have read it is common for little boys around this age and then it just goes away. I'm hoping reading and preschool at home will help with this.

I made a slide show last year and his birth story. Also below is one of my favorite David stories where he decided to paint the walls with poop one day...

This year for his birthday, we had 2 parties for him. We had them at Nellie Mae! His big gift this year was a trampoline for the back yard!!! It is AMAZING! The kids love it and it gets all their energy out! We have no sleeping issues at all b/c they have plenty of exercise! And its perfect.... I'm trying to do something with our 1 acre backyard so the kids can enjoy this weather! Everyone is invited to come jump!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, David!!! Can't wait to see the trampoline! I'll talk to you this week!

Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday, David!

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