September 19, 2006


I truly can't believe it. My first born is turning 3. I think time goes by even quicker when you have a second child, because out of nowhere he will be blowing out 3 candles tomorrow!
I'd like to note that the "Twos" are very cute, but I am gladly waving goodbye to the terrible parts ;) Remember this post, yeah...thats why. However, the "Threes" I'm sure will come with their own set of challenges. For example this week he has already grabbed the hot iron, slammed his finger in the car door, and emptied a bottle of air freshener in my bathroom, dang it! It is so overkill...
The funny thing is David and I are just alike, that's why I go so nuts. We know how to push each others buttons and Tim will sometimes break up our squabbles. It's funny because he'll say, "JENNIFER.....stop it!! You are arguing with a 3 year old!!! You act just like him!" Its true. David, however, is a complete "Mama's Boy". And I love that.

So, in honor of my sweet, crazy, out of control, precious little first born son turning 3...... I have some current pictures Tim took, a slide show of where we came from, and our birth story. Enjoy!

Slide Show

Birth Story

I was one of the women who unfortunately saw 40 weeks come and go by...... my due date was Sept. 14th.
Don't tell me what I should have tried, b/c I tried EVERYTHING to go into labor. (sex, moving heavy furniture, walking, eggplant parmesan, you name it). I truly believe each day past your due date passed makes you a little more insane. So insane, that sometimes you begin to be in denial when you actually do go into labor.
I woke up Sept. 19 at 7 am with small contractions. I told myself they weren't the real ones and told Tim to go to work. I decided to go back to sleep and if they were real labor pains, I would wake up. I called my doctor and gave them a heads up. (haha, thats kinda funny).
I slept through them and then around lunch decided to go down to our clubhouse and get on the treadmill. I walked forever..... I just remember that I had a crazy look in my eye and someone asked me when I was due..... I emotionally yelled, " LAST WEEK!" People started leaving the gym. I was the last one there. I started to get really dizzy and tired so I went and layed in this "cow" chair in the lobby. I was awakened by my doctor calling me. I sat up and felt pain and more contractions. They told me they thought I was in labor and to come down to Northside in Atlanta.
I called Tim and he was there in about 5 minutes! We arrived at Northside at 4 pm. By then I was in visible pain and I was dilated to 3cm (the goal is 10!) when I got to my room. I didn't get an epidural until I was dilated around 6 or 7cm. The pain got scary and I am just not someone who cares about going natural, so I decided to go with some drugs and watched "House" until I reached 10cm!!! It was awesome. I had about 30 people in and out of the room visiting.
Then, labor began. Actually pushing David out took 1 1/2 hours. It was pretty awful and intense.
Anyway, David Timothy Willis made his debut at 10:13pm and was greeted with tears by his mom and dad!!! Talk about a rush! Seeing him take his first breath, watching my stomach deflate, holding him, and our eyes meeting for the first time is one of the most wonderful moments of my life. I'm sure everyone knows this, but a baby knows voices from being in the womb for so long and they know who you are. It's fantastic. We left the hospital with no complications and our healthy baby boy praising the Lord for what we had prayed,
1 Samuel 1:27: For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath granted me my petition.


katie davis said...

i love that verse. it's hanging above catherine's crib=) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! you precious little cutie=)

The Mauntel's said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it? I love the slide show, especially the picture of Tim in the Heisman pose (with David as the football).

Happy Birthday David!

emily said...

Happy Birthday David! I loved the pictures of David and Holly....to cute!

natalie said...

Happy Birthday David! Can't wait to see pictures of this awesome cake I keep hearing about :)

Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday David! Cute slideshow too!

Brandon and Jamie said...

happy bday david!! i love lamby!!! :) we miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Great slide show! And who took those amazing black and white pictures? They should be a photographer! AWESOME!

Sara said...

He is so precious and your family is beautiful! What a lucky mommy!

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Those pictures of David are awesome- did Tim take them? Tell him GOOD JOB!

Julie & Barron Elleby said...

I loved reading your story of your little one's birth, it was really sweet! I can't believe you were on the treadmill. That is hilarious! Your family is precious!

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