9 to 5......I wish.

The "eye" of a tornado, or the center, is supposed to be really calm. But, its still a TORNADO you are in. This is how my life is. I try to create peace and calmness here and even still....it's a tornado.
Here's a rundown of my Monday, well lets just be honest, most days. I really do love my life..

5:00am- Mackenzie wakes up to eat, but goes back to bed praise the Lord. I half consciously feed her and go back to bed....normally I trip down the stairs or fall from stepping on a hotwheel.
8:00am- Everyone wakes up (dont worry, tim is long gone, i don't even here him) Sorry mom, no hot breakfast for him. I go and get whoever is making the most noise out of their bed first.
Feed David breakfast, Nurse Mackenzie, try to eat something also.
"poo poo rounds"- take David potty, change Mackenzie's diaper, take Holly outside to go potty.
Get everyone dressed, think about taking a shower, but put it off until later.
10:00am- Holy crap it's already 10 o'clock!
Naptime for Mackenzie, and thats when David and I spend some time together. OR, its our playgroup time, storytime, or errand time....Monday was grocery store time.
Throw on some clothes, go to the store, jump out of the car and put the kids in the cart. By the way, there is literally almost no room for food with 2 small children in the cart. As I hurry in, I glanced down for a second to notice my shirt had come half way unbuttoned and since I am a nursing mother........"busty" would be an appropriate word. I got myself fixed and avoided running into a car thankfully before I entered the store. We shop. I don't have the problem of David putting stuff IN the cart, he likes to take stuff OUT of the cart when I turn my back. awesome. thats why I always "forget" something. We always have to get a publix balloon, this is the only way he is compliant while I shop. So, on the way out the door, the wind whisks it away. He started shrieking and tears came as if it were his life long best friend. So, I 50 yard dash it across the parking lot to catch it. I amazingly caught it only to come back to find him no longer interested and sucking down a new tube of toothpaste I just bought.
So that was that errand. We are going home.
11:30- Unpack and start making lunch. Throw in some laundry.
12:00 - lunchtime. Feed David and nurse Mackenzie and the potty rituals start over. Clean everyone up. Try to squeeze in a little cleaning and have David help.... vaccuum, mop, or unload the dishwasher. Fold some laundry.
2:00-4:00 Naptime. and dont you love the advice everyone gives you, "Just nap when your kids nap honey and you will feel so rested..." People who say they that don't have kids.
This is when I: pay bills, finish laundry, clean kitchen, toilets, organize, contemplate showering, water plants, make grocery lists and menu, check email, blog, cut coupons, or work outside......i mean seriously....who's going to do all that if I nap?!
(2:45- normally have to go in one more time and firmly ask, okay i yell, at david to fall asleep and leave everything in his room alone! Yes, I wish he was still in the crib, but he jumped out at 18 months. Of course he did.)
4:15- Get David up and have him help me finish making dinner. We spend time together....go over colors, words, play with playdough, and his new favorite hotwheels. Today I heard the doorbell ring and I went to answer it and it was DAVID! Darn him! he snuck out (yes he knows how to open locks AND deadbolts) we are getting chains to put up high this weekend. Discipline for him. This is also another small window that I will sometimes run an errand or go outside before tim gets home. Or we at least finish the chores I started earlier.
5:30 - wake Mackenzie up.
6:00- tim is finally home (thank the Lord! He is super dad.) and we eat dinner. Nurse Mackenzie. Potty rituals again.
If we ever go out, which is not often on weeknights, it is after dinner.
7:45- Bath, Books, Prayers, Songs, and Bed.
8:30- clean kitchen from dinner, pick up remaining toys, finally decide to shower while tim always has a little more work to do. We spend time together or watch TV and try to have a low key evening.
10:00- go in and nurse Mackenzie and put her right back to bed.
Pack Tims lunch, iron a shirt, and run the dishwasher.
Sometimes I get a second wind and read or organize.
10:30- try to go to bed, but get awakened by some toy loudly going off in the house.
Its funny I never remember falling asleep b/c I am so tired. I do make it to the bed though.
5:00am- precious little sweet potato wakes me up to eat and we start all over.

As repetitive as it sounds, it definitely never gets boring. You see, there is always something that my little crazy does during the day to spice things up.
I think I will feel more rested when Mackenzie drops that 5 am feeding (which should be soon). But, I might sound crazy, i like it because its just me and her and the house is 100% quiet. wow, i might be losing it.

Anyway, I'd love to hear some other moms days out there. If its peace and quiet over at your house, just do me a favor and don't tell me. I like to think any mom out there could easily have their own reality show. Seriously, people can't stage this kind of stuff....

Here is one of my favorite verses:
Lamentations 3:22-23
22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.


Cathy said...

Love it! Awesome moves, getting the balloon back. I have owned an oven lock since Riley was 12 months old, he opened our oven, and sat on the door eating cupcakes that I "hid" inside.Our boys would have a blast getting into TROUBLE together!!!

Rachel said...

I love reading about David!!!

While at Publix yesterday, EK decided that when I put the box of Cheerios in the cart, that she wanted to open them and have her snack NOW!!! Then she decided as I was wrapping up my trip, she no longer wanted to sit in the cart, so I ended up unloading the cart, standing in line, and paying all while holding her. Thank goodness for the bagger helping me out and loading up my car!

There is never a dull moment with little ones in the house that's for sure! I might do a post like this soon:)

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

This cracked me up! I can picture you leaping for the balloon in the parking lot! There definitely is never a dull moment, and I cannot even imagine what it is like with two. Your stories of your little boy are hilarious. He is always up to something! They both are adorable.

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I have to tell you that Jake and I laughed so hard all the way through this. You are a hilarious writer...and have also helped us to put off having children for a while :)

natalie said...

this is so dag on funny!! I think the best part was david at the door! And the toys making noise at 10:30pm--one of our puzzles does that. there's some kind of sensor in it, and it'll randomly go off.Each piece of the puzzle makes some type of "transportation" sound--scared me half to death the first time I turned on a light switch and heard a siren!

Scott and Katie said...

Oh my gosh. You crack me up. Give me about a couple months with the newborn and 2 year old in our house and I'm sure our days will sound very similar.

Holly said...

Wow, that's really scary that your son managed to get outside the door without you noticing! I'd be looking at some higher locks too if I were you! I would have had to LOL at him ringing the doorbell though! :P

Brittany-FortheLoveofBrides said...

You're a saint. I am not a mom yet, but my life as a full time nanny is pretty similar. However, I get to leave and 5 and don't get here until 8 the next day-so it's not as crazy!

Joshua and Mary Schwambach said...

Hey Jennifer! I saw your blog on Michele Zakeri's site. This is Mary, used to be "Mary Fleeman", I was one of your freshman galls on A200. I roomed with Sarah Manahan. Anyways I have two kiddos of my own now, almost 2 years and 3 months. Needless to say our days are very similar. I laughed and laughed at your blog because it reminded me so much of my crazy days. I don't know how many times I have to pay for something later that was hiding under the car seat in the cart! You should check out a childrens book called "No, David!"

Jeff and Kelli Bollman :) said...

You CRACK ME UP Jen! I was laughing soooo hard while reading this!!! You are such a funny writer! :) OMG...David at the door! Really??? He is too much! You are my idol!

Holly The Dog said...

Couple of comments:

You should talk about me more. I am very important.

Why don't you take me on more walks? Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was hanging out with my dogs.

I like bones.

Preben and Ellen said...

oh this made me laugh, jennifer!! i love it! it's obvious that you're a super mommy!

James' Full House said...

Hi, Jennifer I linked here from somewhere? Who knows how I get where I get.
Sounds so familiar, I just blogged about a day filled with testing my indurance as a mom. I have 3 and am still nursing our toddler( who will not wean). Love your post, I so needed a laugh and a bible verse to boot.


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