Okay, I've finally decided to blog about another passion of mine, getting stuff for FREE. ABSOLUTELY FREE. Even if you don't need it, who cares?! Its FREE! Just kidding, but here's the rundown...
I'm sure you pass these stores all the time, so instead of going out of the way...next time you pass one stop in for a FREE item :)
Whenever I find freebies I will post them so you can go grab them!! They run every month. April has not been the best month, but most months I stock up on makeup, toiletries, and skincare..... Don't worry, there is no stamps or mailing involved!!
Here are this months:

At Rite Aid....
Go in and purchase items.
Save your receipt.
Go to www.riteaid.com.
On the left hand side of the website there is a link to "Single Check Rebates." Click on it and follow directions.
All you do is enter your receipt number and address and they will mail you the check for it. Unfortunately, all they have this month left is wart remover!!!!!!...(this may just take up space in your medicine cabinet)
Offer good until 4-25-09

At Walgreens...
Its a multivitamin. Not that much money, but it's FREE!
Go to store and purchase.
Save your receipt.
Go to www.walgreens.com.
Go to middle of page and click on "Easy Saver link". Same as rite aid.....enter receipt number and address and you're good to go.
This offer only good until 4-25-09

At CVS....
Okay, here's the deal with CVS.
You go in and sign up for a "Customer Care Card."
Buy these items.....and you get the money back as a store credit....they call them "Extra Bucks."
So, say you need something......stamps, bread, copy paper, whatever.....use your newly acquired store credit (extra bucks) that you just got!
you can use your store credit to buy the following months free items.....Each month, you go in and buy the "free" items and get the money back EVERY time! I don't know if you follow me, but you can use extra buck items to buy other extra buck items so you never spend any money. FUN! These are good ones too...
This offer only good until 4-18-09

I have been doing this for almost a year and got my money back every month. I don't remember the last time I spent money on soap, shampoo, makeup, ect....its pretty awesome! I will also try and post the really good grocery deals I find. I owe my sis, Brandi, for helping me tag team deals everywhere. We may be cheap, but hey.....cut us a break.....we are stay at home moms and I consider this part of my job.
They funny part is toothpaste is generally free somewhere every month. Brandi always gets them and her husband told her they did not have room for anymore toothpaste under their bathroom sink and to lay off a few months! HA!
Hey, you can always donate the items somewhere, HAVE FUN!
and yes, its hilarious to me to find songs that match my post.


Rachel said...

I heart CVS!!! I also stock up on toiletry item with ECB! I can't remember the last time I actually paid for a razor or toothpaste! I'll look forward to any tips you have though! I'm still learning how to work the system.

Karen said...

Another site to keep an eye on is http://katy-shops.com/

This lady is local and used to do a bit on KICKS morning show. She has great ideas and neat finds but almost every Wednesday she post links to free items.

Dupree Family said...

Haha, I do the same thing! I also find coupon cutting like a game...it's fun to see how much money I can save at the grocery store! I'm also a stay-at-home mom so we'll have to get our kids together sometime. Aidan and Mackenzie will be best friends :)

Cecilia said...

I made my first rite-aid purchase today. Thanks for explaining the single check rebate system, now it's not as intimidating!

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