Tim the Tool Man Taylor

Tim has many names over here, but I wanted to share a little about his hobbies because I don't think you realize the severity of it. You will soon see all he is into after this post.
But, first. I need to share this funny fact about my husband. AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH, no matter where we are, someone will come up and ask him if he is Luke Perry (90210). Ha!!! After 10 years, I still do not see it, but policemen, waiters, strangers, young women, you name it.....people come up and ask him. I don't get it, Luke Perry is way older now. Anyway, just for kicks.....

I thought I'd put up the happiest moment of Tim's fatherhood so far also, taking David on his first go kart ride. David still mentions this once a week. Very fun.

Tim's first project was our first home in Athens, Ga. I loved this house. It was a mess though. We got a steal on it, but it came with a lot of hard work. We ripped up the floors, countertops, and repainted everything. All cosmetic so we fixed her up real nice. ;) Really though, we scout out deals and renovate nice, but cheap.

Next, is a hobby that Tim just recently picked up. I think it's mainly to make other people laugh....but he does "chain-saw art." Ha ha, if you have ever driven up in the mountains, you will see these things everywhere. I wanted one last year at an apple festival and he said, "No way I am buying that, I'll make you one." I didn't believe him until we got home and I heard a chainsaw ripping in the backyard. Our neighbors love this hobby.... Anyway, the middle picture is a picture he drew, and the last is a catamaran he bought when we were first married and fixed up.

Okay, the projects that we just did.....
We have a big space issue in our house. So, Tim went and knocked on walls to find some "dead space" in our house and low and behold..... we found some! A small hallway closet turned into a walk in storage closet after he got done with it. The green shading is where the closet first was the yellow is where he extended it back. I am super thankful for the extra space! And it only cost $100 for some drywall, mud, and shelving....not bad for an extra 300 sq. feet.

He also backsplashed my kitchen! He had laid tile before in our first house, but this was the first time it went on the walls, I am in love with it! He is also Mr. Frugal himself and only spent $70 on the whole project. So proud of him.

Last but not least, he painted my half bath for me. I have had a bucket of green paint that I got as "oops" paint for $5 for forever he painted it for me!

Well, that sums it up! We have been busy working on the house together, okay mainly Tim, but I pick out stuff and clean up :) Even though he drives me crazy with all his hobbies, I am thankful for this handy man that I don't have to hire. But, don't worry, I compensate him well.

Thank you Luke, I mean...Tim!

I almost have our pics together from the trips we made recently...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. He does look like Luke.
2. What handy man!
3. I LOVE that you said you compensate him. :) Isn't marriage wonderful!

Ashley said...

I love the bathroom paint! You're lucky to have such a handy man. :)

Rachel said...

YOu are definitely lucky to have a handy man and he does kind of resemble Luke Perry! That's funny though that he gets so many comments on that!!!

Scott and Katie said...

Wow...he's so talented! Scott...not so much! (He'll never see this...lol)

Jeff and Kelli Bollman :) said...

Haha! He DOES look like Luke! :)
I love your backsplash! I think it is the exact tile we have in our kitchen! Fun! :) Hope you're doing well Jen! :)

Cathy said...

It is nice to have such a handy husband, mine is the same way...saves soo much money! Too funny about the Luke look-a-like, seeing the pictures together he does look like him though!

Cecilia said...

Bri does most of our home improvements too. I may not enjoy all the work at the time, but man does it save you money. It's nice to have a handy hubby!

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