Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!!!

Okay, I am going to have a proud mama moment. My little celebrities got published today!

Now not only is my husband a celebrity, click here, my kids are too. We went to one of my favorite parks yesterday to play with some friends and eat lunch. As we were playing, a photographer came up and asked if they could take some pictures! I was actually totally on board because I had forgot my darn camera! I love taking playground pics of them AND this was Mackenzie's, like, second time in the swing. So, when I asked what it was for, they were from the Cherokee Tribune! An article was being published on the park and the pictures might be used.....

So, low and behold, we got a phone call early this morning with my two little sunshines on the front page ;)

You better believe I bought every single copy at the store. Yup, I was that obnoxious mom that wanted all the copies. Hello, I wanted them to each have a copy along with every family member.

And, FYI, I am lucky they were being cute and not up to any antics yesterday at the park.... that alone is worth publishing.


Rachel said...

So cool!!!!

Cecilia said...

Nothing wrong with being proud =)

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