Holy Cow at the Willis'

It's like our life is a joke, except it's not. This stuff really happens to us. I don't know why other than to tell you it's for comedic entertainment for others. That's what I have decided. We are having fun over here. Life is funny and God is good. So, here is an update....
So we sold our white mini van. Guess who bought it??

Thats right. Chick-fil-a called and wanted our van. Our van that Tim called "La Leche Grande" (The Big Milk) is now appropriately "La Vaca Grande" (The Big Cow). It's like it was it's destiny. We think this is hilarious. I have the happiest children in the world b/c their old van is now the chickfila delivery van. I am also the happiest mommy in the world b/c they called and paid full price for my old ride. Thanks chickfila, you really are the best company ever, I did work there for 11 years so its only fitting.

Next, we do not have our internet up yet b/c At&t might be the slowest people ever. I have been doing bigtime life management and unpacking all of our stuff!!! We decided to have a yard sale and low and behold made $600!!! I can't even begin to tell you what the heck I sold, but I went on a big time clean out and got rid of tons of stuff!! Our house may look a little institutional and bare right now, but I love it. It's so clean, small, and simple. I just put up pics of the kitchen finished. I am so in love with this little house. It's like my little doll house.
We have been doing lots of fun fall family activities =) Here is some pics of apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin farms, and my babies. I absolutely am in love with my family and in love with the fall. After the year we have had, the summer of renovating a house, this fall is a sweet time. I am so in love with my husband, and more grateful every day for my precious babies.

Happy Fall!! Sorry if I have not been in touch with you out there, you might have to actually call us if you need us right now since our internet is limited!! Also, Tim was the photgrapher is most of the ones above so he is never in the pics!

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Cecilia said...

The van makes me giggle, I'd say that's not a bad new life :). Glad to hear things are going well for y'all!

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