Happy Halloween!!

A few things I need to remember about this halloween. My kids went BIZERK when they got candy. Completely. I almost feel a little bad b/c of their reaction to it. It's like they've never had it before. Granted, we don't have it often, but they seriously flipped out. So funny. We are trick or treating tomorrow night, but today we took them down the street to the Avenue shops to practice there! They were obviously Spiderman and the Fairy Princess. Both fit their personalities to a "T". David was climbing the walls and bouncing off of them and Mackenzie was sassing herself around everywhere thinking the whole event was completely put on for her. She also didn't quite get the "leaving" part. She proceeded to stand with her hand out, i think she got more candy than any child there.

Also, has anyone seen the HP commercial with the baby in the walker. I kinda love it. I found the song and put it on below 1. to annoy the crap out of my husband and 2. that baby is so cute i wanna steal it.

Anyway, Happy Halloween from us!!

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