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I am just moving on from the pictures I never posted, ha! Summer has flown by at lightening speed. Maybe later I'll get around to posting some beach, lake, pottery, and random summer pics... but, for now, David started Pre-school.

Here is the deal with David. He misses the kindergarten cut off by only days so he is about to turn 5! I didn't want to keep him home without having some school exposure before kindergarten kicks in, so I found a Preschool program at a church on the Marietta Square. He goes 4 days a week for only 3 hours. It really is perfect. And he LOVES it. I was definitely sad! After having him home with me for 5 years, it's hard to let go a little. I have done Preschool at home with him for the past 2 years, but he is truly loving the classroom and other children environment!

I've been taking little Mackenzie to some Gymboree classes b/c she does miss her brother. It has been great time for just her and mommy though. She has never had just me so I do love that.

I find it so funny that I'm in a family of celebrities, lol. Tim still gets told all the time when we are out that he looks like Luke Perry from 90210. And now, people everywhere are constantly telling me, "Your little boy looks just like the kid from Jerry McGuire!"
Again, I always humor people, but don't see it because I'm with them so much. He has blonde hair and glasses so I guess that is what people see.

David had his eye appointment. He couldnt read the 20/20 line. He could, however, read the 20/25 level. So, it has gone from the following:

There is only one more level, perfect. So.... we go back in 6 weeks to try and get there. I feel so ridiculous because I left the appointment frustrated. I was ready for him to be done. Ready for him to be at perfect. My mother gently told me, Jennifer he is progressing and moving forward. That's all you need to focus on.

And she is right. And looking down at David who is just beaming no matter what b/c he is only 4, I felt grateful that God has restored his vision such a long way.

When David asked, "Is it healed mommy? Am I done with my patch? Did Jesus fix my eye?"
I smiled and said, "Yes David, Jesus is healing your eye. It may just take a little longer than you and I want, but we are going to keep praying and finish this!"

Here is my sweet boy starting school. And below is our playground that is finally at Nellie Mae!

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