Update Part 1

When we have not been traveling, we have been just staying at HOME! This is mainly a verbal update because I have so many pictures to go through!
In July, we went to Lake Hartwell for Chef's brothers 50th Wedding Anniversary. The next week was followed by half the week in Seagrove Beach, FL for Tim's grandparents 6oth Wedding Anniversary! And this past weekend, we took the kids on their first camping trip with my parents at Lake Allatoona.

Other than that, we have spent our summer days at the pool with friends, playdates, the library summer storytime, and of course the Ymca! We mostly love being at home during the day. The kids play outside, in their rooms, we cook and bake, watch movies, and I am enjoying these last couple weeks before David starts preschool.

David starts school the 23rd. And Miss Mackenzie and I will have some time together. I had a groupon for Gymboree so I signed her up for some classes there. She will start the day after Davids school. I know she is going to miss him!

They are sharing a room now. After about a month of bedtime fits, we realized all she wanted was a companion at night time. So, rather than Tim and I being her night time companions, we moved her bed into Davids room. It instantly solved it! I'm in the process of re-doing their room so hopefully I'll have pictures soon!

Other updates:
Tim's job is still slammed and he is super happy, can't believe where we were a year ago.
David turns 5 in a little over a month. He is having a Batman party and I cant wait to show you the fun stuff I am making.
My last night of pottery is tonight and I have enjoyed it so much. Again, I have pictures to come!
And lastly, I had an awesome opportunity to go out to Las Vegas next month for a job, just for 7 days though. I am very excited about it, but am sad to leave my little family for that long. I can't wait to go!

I have been trying to go back and really focus on how I want our house decorated. When we initially moved in, I was just throwing stuff together. First room I just finished was our den. I just felt like it was too dark...
So, I got rid of an extra table, and I made the famous "Drop Cloth" curtains. I joined Pinterest and saw them at a friends this weekend, so i went for it! They are drop cloths from Home Depot, $10 a pack. One pack makes 2 panels. I even had extra to recover some pillows.
So, it really brightened up our room and I love it. Here is the before, last year, and now.


Amber Vestal said...

I'm doing the curtains too! Looks great!

Cecilia said...

Sounds like a fun summer to me! Do you read The Nester's blog? She does the drop cloth curtains too. We are renting right now so I'm about to start some creative decorating. Your house looks great!

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