I Called, You Answered

I wish I could say that's how my prayers go all the time, but God chooses to answers prayers differently for different people in different ways.
Sometimes he pauses for a period of time, says no, says wait, or answers quickly. And boy, am I thankful for those times He answers us quickly!

My sweet David tells everyone that Jesus is healing his eye. And that is the only medical explanation! No doctor is giving him medicine and they already told us that they see this lazy eye condition can stay in children to adulthood.

Initial visit, Davids poor eye was at 20/100
6 weeks later, patching one eye and glasses it went to 20/50
Another 6 weeks later, patching one eye and glasses it went to 20/30.... almost perfect!!

Its kind of unbelievable in the optometry world.

We go back in 4 weeks and they anticipate perfect vision for my son! And ironically, I was secretly praying for David to not have to wear the patch to preschool which the first day is Aug. 23. (I know I am being THAT mom, but he gets hot and sweaty with it on and little kids come up and ask really loudly, whats wrong with your eye? Mommy has to step back and let David handle it, which is a little hard for me!)
And would you believe she asked me to come in on Aug 22, the day before his first day of school, for hopefully the last day of his patch? Seriously.

My mouth about hit the floor! She was so floored by his success that I told her, "Dr. Boardman, we have been praying that Jesus would heal his eye and I know that He has!"

She just kind of nervously laughed, but I didn't care. She had no explanation so mine was better!

I am so happy. And I am the most happy that my 4 year old has gotten to see and watch our Great Saviour answers prayers. To him, he asks for everything when he prays now. Because he has seen Him answer.


Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

That's so awesome!!!

Cathy said...

This is just so sweet!!!

Ashley said...

Oh, I'm so glad! I'm praying for August 22 now, too!

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Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I love this :)

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