Roll With It

That's my theme for the summer so far!! Because that's what I have to kind of do.... just roll with it! And Tim and I are crazy. We realize we are not normal people, and we kind of like that!

Here is a little update on all of us:

Tim- HVAC is more than insanely busy. Tim has been consistently working 12+ hour days. The rubber has met the road and let me tell you, he loves what he does and takes extreme pride in his work. If there were ever a test of commitment, he has passed. He has lost 10 lbs this summer and spent a day in an attic that was 144 degrees. But, he still comes home happy. And he still has energy for me, the kids, and good ole Nellie Mae. It is A DIFFERENT world watching your husband slave at a job he hates verses working all day at a job he loves. So, the company is still growing like crazy and God continues to show us we are 100% on the right road. Praise the Lord for clarity right?!

We have been able to do a small group with our church this summer and I am just so thankful to make some friends!! It's SO hard making new friends!! I am grateful God is putting people in our path and I'm just praying he maximizes our time with them.

Me- The first thing most people have asked is, How in the world do you do it with no break from the kiddos?! ha! First, there are many mothers out there who are single moms, there husband is overseas, travels, or they are living apart for work. So, I am very aware that I am just lucky to have my husband come home every night. Second, I've learned expectations can destroy. If you expect your husband home at 6 for dinner and he is late... you are mad. If there is expectation on when he is supposed to be home.... you will always get beaten down. Over here, we just move on. Literally. We have dinner, baths, and I plan everything if I were to be by myself. That isn't the case though.... at some point in the evening... Tim comes home. And since there wasn't a specific time I was waiting for him to walk through the door, we just celebrate him coming home and he picks up where we are. Most nights I heat up a plate for him!

This is also for a season. Heating and Air is obviously at it's peak. It will slow in the fall and spring. Winters are busy with heating.

Another really fun thing I'm glad I did was make a little "me" time. Every Tuesday night I take pottery classes. And although I'd love to be at home with Tim, it has been completely worth it to just go do something by myself. And I love it. I also try to go to the Ymca 3 times a week. They have free childcare so I take an hour break and go do some cardio and am excited to see my babies again! And they love the break from me too I think! Another update, I did keep my last 2 house cleaning clients. They live close to me and close to eachother so every Thursday my cousin babysits the kids for a few hours while I do that. Our Saturdays (when Tim isn't on call) and Sundays are family time now. I also have become a personal assistent for one of my clients and it has been really fun to run errands, do projects, and mail things for someone else while I'm out and about anyway. Lastly, I picked back up my Mystery Shopping job I did in Athens a long time ago. I just do a few a week, where you are an undercover shopper and rate a store. This week I am pretty excited b/c I will get paid to go mystery shopping at the zoo with my kids! And I forgot, I've randomly been re-finishing a few pieces of furniture. Thats another blogpost. I've also been bookreading, its fantastic.

The kiddos-

David starts preschool in a little over a month! He is so excited. He did VBS this summer and loved it. It confirmed Tim and I's decision that this will be the best thing for him this fall. He is still wild, crazy, but also has a very serious and sensitive side to him. He is developing a very intense and passionate personality. And he is a little OCD like his mama ;)

Mackenzie is just a handful. She is so dramatic, full out tantrums, and I have to keep reminding myself she is only 2. Whew and she acts like it! She is VERY sweet at the same time and you would swear she is a newborn with how she acts. She still thinks she is a baby and sleeps like one, wants to be held like one, and dont get me wrong... I love it!

They have loved pool dates with friends this summer, our garden- which hallelujah has been fruitful, and just being at home for some hot summer days.

The more I am with them, the more I learn about myself and the kind of mother I am supposed to be. I have almost been a mommy for 5 years. I will never have a mass herd of children, I will not homeschool them, and I will not sew their clothes. Although let me just tell you Target has clothes clearanced down to like $2 each and I totally have their wardrobes for next summer for way less than I could make clothes! Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with those. Parts of my mind fantasizes about tons of children, me being this crafty mom, and me wondering if God wants me to homeschool. For me, He has answered these questions very clearly. And for that I am grateful. Don't beat yourself up and chase after something that even you yourself don't really want. I think I have broken out of any kind of mold and I want to be my own mold. I want to teach my kids to make a decision and be confident in it. So, I hope to model that for them.

However, I do value staying at home with them and pouring into them everyday, cooking and eating as fresh and healthy as possible, and giving the best life we can give them.

I am just so grateful for this stage of life, I love being a mama and I love being a wife to Tim. Ask the Lord to give you clarity in specific areas of your life and keep a journal, He will answer! And ask him for outlets in your life that can keep you still being "you" not just wifey and mommy.

Other fun things this summer..... here is some pottery I've made and I also chopped my hair 6 inches and went back to blonde. Just for fun! I have NOT been good with my camera and these are all straight from the phone!


Amber Vestal said...

I loved reading this! It's good to hear about your perspective, especially the "no expectations" on Tim being home. Very helpful! Thanks for praying. The girls that came to look at our condo this week will let us know for sure if they want to rent soon!

The Berls said...

Jen- 1st things first...LOVE your hair AND pottery...how fun!! Love this post...I totally agree and feel lke so many women, esp. Christian women put so many expectations on themselves and their husbands. You must have natural child birth, breastfeed, cloth diaper, make your own baby food, homeschool, have 6 kids, be extra crafty, etc. All of these things are fine in and of themselves but when we become slaves to them we put ourselves in bondage. Jesus is the only one who can break those chains...and this momma is SO thankful for that!

The Riddle's said...

The pottery is beautiful!! Let us know when you want to come to the pool again. Love hanging out with you!!

Ashley said...

Oh, my gosh, I SO know what you mean! I work full time and choose NOT to stay at home, microwave most of Easton's GERBER meals, and we're still trying to potty train!!! I am a Christian mother who loves my son dearly, but I am not an extremist, and I certainly don't want six kids! We go back and forth between two and three, but with Easton's tantrums lately, I'm thinking one is just fine! Lol. Your hair looks amazing, and I'm so glad that you're doing something for yourself. I can't believe how much you do and still have a smile on your face. You're awesome. God has surely blessed your family, and I can see it on your face! Thanks for sharing your life. I love reading about it!

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