An Elevated Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! Tim and I are both so grateful to celebrate our wonderful dads as well. They are so wonderful that they are spending their weekends on the beach! And they totally deserve it! We know how rare it is for both of us to have been raised by such loving, God honoring, strong men. I am a lucky wife and our kids are lucky because Tim is setting a huge stage for our own children and role modeling out what it is like to follow after God, no matter what.

Happy Father's Day sweetheart! I love your passion and boldness.
I actually kept a surprise. I never do that. Whenever I am excited about something, I normally explode. On April 11, I bought a groupon (of course I did) for Elevation Chophouse at McCollum Airport here in Kennesaw. We have passed it several times and commented how fun it would be to eat there and the kids would go bananas.
And it was worth the surprise! Tim even played 20 questions on the way, and lost might I add. He never guessed it. And he loved it. And the food was amazing, way too huge portions, but so good. And David was seriously glued to the window the entire evening. Mackenzie thought it was fun but kept yelling at the planes to not fly over her.
Anyway, the nice flight boy outside let us walk around the run-way area, okay that sounds un-safe but it was not the actual run-way. The kids ran around the planes, played airplane and ran around likes planes, and we were quite the little welcoming committee when the planes actually pulled in and came out!
It was a really fun day. This is probably super weird, but Tim and I are not really "gift" people. Whenever there is a holiday, birthday, whatever... we like to spend the money on a destination or date instead of buying a gift. We did this even when we dated in college. It was just always more fun to us to go somewhere together and do something fun! I like that we have been doing this with our kids too because I think they'll be the same way.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Ashley said...

So cool! Love the goofy pictures of Tim and the kids. What a sweet family.

hapi said...

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Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Love the pictures! Dave looks ADORABLE in his glasses- what a stud! :)

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