Home sweet home it has been. My super awesome mini van got a bad diagnosis this week that I needed 2 new bearings/hubs. Dealer was gonna be $1100, but good ole Timmy ordered the parts online and is doing it this weekend for $250. I love my handy man.

Here is a shout out to Tim. People often ask how and when I have time to blog. Well, it's 11pm on Thursday night and my husband isn't home from work. So.... I like to see him! So i stay up and do crazy things.

Tim has full force poured his passion into his career and I am so happy for him. He is so good at it. And I am proud. He truly is fulfilling his God given talent.

Needless to say, we have been spending lots of time at home. We can't drive until Tim fixes my van this weekend so we have been here a lot. At first I was dreading it, but now I am just so thankful and really appreciate our home. Don't get me started on this soapbox, but I think it's so good for your kids to be content at home when you are there. And I also think you have to train yourself to be at home. It takes me a lot of planning and preparing, but home has become a safe haven and a content peaceful place to be. My kids feel peace here and they go about their little lives here! How can your kids be content at home when you are not, ya know?

They still get into trouble..... their poor kitchen got a full bottle of Epson salt dumped on it because they got a little carried away with "cooking"

Tim would be majorly ticked I put this pic up, but we buzzed everyone this weekend. The dog, David, and then David did Tim, lol!!! And Mackenzie is just naked because.... well, I'm not sure. She saw Tim and Davids shirts off while they were getting their haircut, so she decided to up it a notch.

We have been having fun snacks. Our garden has made the kids excited about fresh fruit and veggies so it has been a great lesson about how food is fuel for your body and what is good fuel to put in it!

Summer if officially here, we saw lightening bugs. The kids were speechless about them! I am so excited about my summer with these 2 babies!

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