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Tim's mom, our Momo, was given some Aquarium tickets and she was so sweet to give them to us because she knew the kids would LOVE it! And love it they did. They really thought it was the greatest thing in the world and it is definitely something we want to try and do once a year because they were so interested in it!

Thank you again Momo for the fun memories our family made =)

We have been really relishing our time together as a family. It has been good for my heart to just love on them! Tim is slammed with work, which praise God for that. After being through what we have, I am accutely aware that my husband loving and working lots of hours is a blessing. He really has his priorities straight so even though he is gone a lot, when he is here... he is HERE. If that makes sense.

We are starting another smallgroup with our church this week and I'm really looking forward to it. Our other one just finished. It is so important to us to be plugged into a believing community and I can tell in my flesh when I am not surrounded by it.

My pottery classes start next week and go until mid August. My mom is doing them with me. I am really excited for this little outlet during the week. Tim and I have prayerfully decided to try for another baby this summer. Most people don't share that, but would my surrounding friends pray for us? After all we've been through with babies, the games are over for us. We tell people what we are doing and we would appreciate prayers. We believe God is with us. If the door closes again, then it does. I feel like we are supposed to try again despite my fears. I won't lie that as we move closer to this decision, anxiety tries to attack me.

I heard the perfect sermon this past sunday. It was just about roles people try to play with God.

Some people out there feel:

Entitled- because I am such a good christian, because I am a nice wife/friend/employee... blah, blah. And because I have X amount of money, a big enough house, and I am such a good person... God will bless me b/c I am a blessing to others. To those people: Your righteous acts are like filthy rags to God. I hope to never ever be in this category. We don't deserve jack and shouldn't act like we do. Can you tell entitlement drives me nuts?! I'm hammering it out of my kids!

Victims- i can struggle with this one. Because I have been through loss, suffering, hardship, tough times... God will give me this. I specifically remember one person telling me at Christmas when I was pregnant, "Jennifer, you have been through so much with pregnancies. God has given you enough suffering so you know this baby will work out." I miscarried 2 weeks later. Though I knew what she was saying wasn't right.... we WANT to believe that. That we've paid our dues and it's done. But God doesn't work like that. He is not transactional and keeping checks and balances. We live in a fallen world and fallen things are going to happen to everyone that lives. We should just be grateful not only has God chosen to give us life, but sent His son for us to walk with daily.

Pray against feeling entitled and a victim. We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Paint the best picture of our Christ to others you can. Don't show them a counterfiet picture, just be real.

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