You Bend with the Wind

First, thank you so much for all the sweet messages. It is never easy losing a baby no matter how far along in pregnancy you are. I really feel grateful for my wonderful husband and 2 sweet babies. I also feel grateful God is healing my heart and body from this sad time. I wish I could say I have great perspective 100% of the time, but I do not. I try and pray very hard to keep a positive outlook every day. I still feel attacks from the enemy and that is hard- fighting the lies that I am not a good mother, that there is something wrong with me b/c I can't keep most pregnancies, and that there is no hope for another child in our future. I can obviously recognize those lies quickly and pray for God to help me. I love this verse b/c even though the attacks feel rampant in our life, specifically the past 2 years, we are winning. I have been pregnant 5 times in 5 years with a total of 7 babies. God is sovereign and God is good. Death may have prevailed on my baby's life, but Jesus has overcome the enemy.
Micah 7:8
Do not rejoice over me my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.
Thank you again for your continued prayers.

David is turning 5 one week from today!! We had a Batman party for him this weekend and it was a blast! It was also emotional for me because it has been one year since our house renovation and man, what a difference! I just uploaded final pictures of our home sweet home. It was a special party and David thinks he is a grown man now that he is 5!! Thanks to our sweet, sweet family and friends for making his day so special. He is the happiest boy I know right now! I have a special post for him I will do this weekend.
I will be leaving this weekend for a very fun job opportunity for 7 days in Las Vegas. Tim's aunt owns an event planning company so I am hired out for the week to help run a big company event in Vegas! This is very new for our family- Tim will be a stay at hom dad for the week! Its a good time of year for him since the weather is cooling off and his schedule is very flexible. It is hitting at a good time because I kind of need a little break from my life =) Although, I am hoping not to miss them too much, first time I've even been away from my husband this long. So, that is that! Here is my little bat-man: I know the cakes look shotty, they are homemade though and were really good I thought! Triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream icing, yum!

Thank you mom for helping me make all the little ones Batman t-shirts!

In other news, are you familiar with the t.v. show "Storage Wars?" Every month storage unit companies have auctions for units that have defaulted on their payments. They give the owners notice and then auction the units off. The public is invited to come and buy the abandoned units. Some sell for $1 and I've heard some selling for $2,000. You get whatever is in the unit. You are only allowed to look from the outside and cannot touch anything. You bid and hope to get lucky. You have 24 hours to get everything out. You are responsible for leaving the unit empty, so good or bad, you have to take it.
Well, of course my husband knows all about this, researched it, and thought it would be a fun idea to do. As always, I am on board and try to let my husband live out most of his crazy ideas. I decided to join so I could at least have an input in what unit would be making its way to our house. So..... here are the kiddos, joining in our fun as usual.

The Auction begins...And, Tim wins at $110 for the whole 10x13 unit

It took us a LONG time to sort through and load it all.

I have no updates yet. We literally just brought it all home this weekend and loaded it into our outdoor building. I did find tons of brand new stuff from Home Depot, so I took it back and have a $50 store credit. We think the items in the unit could give us a profit of around $1000. We have tools, a ping pong table, metal scaffolding, bikes, dirt bikes, a moped, furniture, some appliances, not sure what else.

Here is to adventures! I told him while I am in Vegas and he is being a stay at home daddy, his job is to find some buyers for all this crap =)

Anyway, September is off to a crazy start for us. But, as always we are loving where we are.
Disney World is our destination in October! I will keep you posted on our Storage Wars adventure!
Happy Fall!


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Bri and I have talked about doing the storage auction thing too! It looks like y'all did great too.

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