Happy 5th Birthday David!!!

My baby David is 5. How is that possible? I mean, I remember things from when I was 5. It is weird when your baby goes from being a baby to a kid. To a functioning member of the family.

Oh, my sweet little David...these 5 years. I am so blessed to have a son. Here is a letter to you that I wrote.

You are my first born son. Pregnancy with you was a breeze and I remember thinking, so this is it? People just get pregnant and have a baby, this is too easy! Ha! Well, I am glad I got to experience that with you buddy. You were born with a mohawk. You were such a good baby and did everything right on schedule. It was ridiculous. If it was 12:15 at lunchtime I knew, because you would be very mad I was 15 minutes late. You love bedtime. You always have. You love food. You always have.
I never had any issues getting you to go to bed or eat your food. Your momo says you are just like daddy in that way. And you love being home.
We've always called you our grumpy old man because you are very particular about things. You are a very happy little boy, but you are contemplative and serious. You always think about every side of something before you do it. You are intense. You have high highs and low lows. There is not a lot of even ground with you. You are a bad liar. You always end up telling on yourself and you are quick to apologize. You have a caring heart. You've never done anything out of a mean spirit. You are a boy and wild, active, curious.... but, you have a sensitive side and are very in tune with others feelings around you. You love daddy. You think he is the strongest person in the world and he can do anything. Which props to you, I haven't seen your daddy not try anything and do well. You love mommy. You have a sweet side that is protective of me and wants to always make me happy. You love your sister. This by far, has been the most tear producing. You take care of her, play with her, take interest in her interests, and adore her. You guys are best friends and having a sister has made you grow up. When I was pregnant with Mackenzie, you would always bring me a can opener and tell me to get her out! You love kids and just a month ago told daddy, " we need some more kids up in here!" Hopefully you will read this one day and know that we did try buddy. 5 pregnancies and 7 babies in 5 years will hopefully prove I wasn't slacking off. But, for the record, you did tell daddy you wanted 5 kids in our family and I hate to break it to you, but that's not happening. You also asked for another dog. I keep telling you that when you are a daddy, you can have all the babies and dogs you want.
You were un-controllable from about 18 months to 24 months while I was pregnant with your sister, thanks for that ;) We had the terrible 2's where you were pretty destructive, wild, you would run away from mommy. Once you left and rang the door bell and that's how I found you. We had to install top deadbolts on all our doors after that. You are still the youngest child I know that could pick locks and get out. You jumped your crib at 18 months. You were potty trained at 2 but then also would pee in random containers and bring them to me. Once I put you in time out in your room and you wiped your poopy everywhere.
Oh, but David, you are mommys angel. You've always asked the most sincere questions, loved Jesus, and are aware of your family and friends. You tell me you love me all the time and are such a sweet, sweet boy. You are so genuine and you have the most sincere and sweet heart. I know everything you tell me is something you have thought about. You are going to be calculated and you will not easily be talked into things. You are smart and you very perceptive. You are like your daddy and have a knack for building things, using your hands, and you want to fix things. You love tools and you love being outside. You are always up for anything. When we had to move and renovate the house, you were a champ. You would help daddy hammer boards, check on mackenzie for me while she napped in the car, and help me pack boxes. Everything was fun to you and you were actually a huge part of helping mommy be adventurous and have fun with that whole transition. You are very excitable and I think you will remember renovating Nellie Mae forever. You tell everyone you can build a house.
David, I am so proud to be your mommy. You started preschool 2 weeks ago. I was so sad to let you out of my day for a few hours, but you have made me so proud. I can't believe I even worried about how your behavior would be. The day I was the most anxious about you misbehaving at school, you came home with a sticker that your teacher gave you for using good manners! I pray everything we've done at home would continue to grow and thrive in you. I pray God would uniquely gift you and that I would be the best supportive mommy in the world! You have loved school so far, especially the visit from Mother Goose this week. You have learned so much and are so excited about learning. And your school is absolutely adorable. I also pray that I will not be a crazy mother in law because Tim always tells me I am headed there. I have hope, because momo (tims mom) raised 3 boys and is so amazing. I'm trying to take notes on how to not be crazy.
I love you so much David. Your daddy and I love each other so much and our love grew when you were born. And it grew again when your sister was born. I feel so blessed to have a son and so lucky that it is you. Happy 5th Birthday sweetheart! You are my snuggie buggy.

Here is a slide show I made from birth to 3
and then I have uploaded some pictures from the past 2 years. Also again, my birth story of david is below. Happy 5th birthday David!

Birth Story

I was one of the women who unfortunately saw 40 weeks come and go by...... my due date was Sept. 14th.
Don't tell me what I should have tried, b/c I tried EVERYTHING to go into labor. (sex, moving heavy furniture, walking, eggplant parmesan, you name it). I truly believe each day past your due date passed makes you a little more insane. So insane, that sometimes you begin to be in denial when you actually do go into labor.
I woke up Sept. 19 at 7 am with small contractions. I told myself they weren't the real ones and told Tim to go to work. I decided to go back to sleep and if they were real labor pains, I would wake up. I called my doctor and gave them a heads up. (haha, thats kinda funny).
I slept through them and then around lunch decided to go down to our clubhouse and get on the treadmill. I walked forever..... I just remember that I had a crazy look in my eye and someone asked me when I was due..... I emotionally yelled, " LAST WEEK!" People started leaving the gym. I was the last one there. I started to get really dizzy and tired so I went and layed in this "cow" chair in the lobby. I was awakened by my doctor calling me. I sat up and felt pain and more contractions. They told me they thought I was in labor and to come down to Northside in Atlanta.
I called Tim and he was there in about 5 minutes! We arrived at Northside at 4 pm. By then I was in visible pain and I was dilated to 3cm (the goal is 10!) when I got to my room. I didn't get an epidural until I was dilated around 6 or 7cm. The pain got scary and I am just not someone who cares about going natural, so I decided to go with some drugs and watched "House" until I reached 10cm!!! It was awesome. I had about 30 people in and out of the room visiting.
Then, labor began. Actually pushing David out took 1 1/2 hours. It was pretty awful and intense.
Anyway, David Timothy Willis made his debut at 10:13pm and was greeted with tears by his mom and dad!!! Talk about a rush! Seeing him take his first breath, watching my stomach deflate, holding him, and our eyes meeting for the first time is one of the most wonderful moments of my life. I'm sure everyone knows this, but a baby knows voices from being in the womb for so long and they know who you are. It's fantastic. We left the hospital with no complications and our healthy baby boy praising the Lord for what we had prayed,
1 Samuel 1:27: For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath granted me my petition.


Ashley said...

Happy birthday, David!

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I got tears in my eyes reading this....I just love little Dave! I'm a proud, proud aunt! Happy birthday David!

Jess Sykes said...

I hope Dave had a happy birthday. I will never forget watching House and anticipating his arrival.

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