Party Rock.

I am happy to post that I have been unable to post for about a month because of all the FUN we've been having in the Willis household!!! We've been long overdue for some plain ole fun over here so that's what we've been doing.

Fun thing #1.
We have sold off most of the stuff from our storage unit. Remember we bought an abandoned storage unit at an auction? Well, we did pretty well. Our end goal just was basically to get rid of all of the crap that was in there. Anyway, we have a couple things left but have made $550 off the unit so far. It was a ton of work, but a lot of fun.

Fun thing #2.
Well, this is the most fun for the kids. We are growing butterflies. (For me, they are a super pain in the rear right now. They smell and they are needy). Aunt Debbie gave David some caterpillars for his birthday and its a whole kit deal. Anyway, they are currently in their caccoons and we are eagerly awaiting their presence.

Fun thing # 3.
I went to Vegas baby. It was mainly all work and no play, but it was an absolute blast. I went to work the Kia Annual Meeting and it was held at the Encore Hotel in Vegas. I worked with Tim's aunts company who does event planning for large corporations. It was seriously amazing. I learned that I LOVE to work. And I'm super excited for when my kids are both in school. I plan on working while they are in school some. Pretty pumped about that. I'm definitely am learning I'm a detail person, love logistics, and i really love people and networking. Anywho, here is some pics. The hotel was ridiculously over the top nice. I got to meet Kia's sponsors, Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce came to the event. Also, if you have seen the Kia commercials on TV, here is the group of dancing hamsters, also called The Hamstars, who showed up and danced with the Soul- the Kia Soul. The song playing is the Kia Hamsters song on the commercial. It's a little shout out to my cute teenage friends I made. I want to adopt them. And I guess I am dumb, but I thought the commercials was of costume hamsters. It is not. It is just these kids dancing with a computer image over the whole thing. Go figure. Oh technology.
Here are links to the Kia Commercial with the Hamsters and the one where Blake Griffin jumps over a car.


Fun thing #4
We went to Disney World. I feel like in stimulation overload going to Vegas and then Disney!! Ha! It was seriously one of our favorite family vacations yet. Out of control. We went to Disney all the time as kids so it was really special going back with your own kids. I can't even put into words how much fun my children had. I uploaded over 100 pics to facebook, but hopefully these few pics will show you how their little lives are forever changed =) We went with my mom and dad, my sister and her husband Paul, and their 2 boys. We had children from 6, 5, 4, and almost 3. It was insanely fun.
David- he rode ALL the roller coasters. The kid has no fear. He LOVED them and couldnt get enough.
Tim- Having father/son bonding and acting crazy together on all the rides.
Me- watching David and Mackenzies face when they saw Mickey, Minnie, Disney Princesses, the resort pool and waterslide, their cousins, the Magic Kingdom castle. I have their face images in my memory forever.
Mackenzie- meeting the Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie. She just was on top of the world. And they were so sweet with her. She is so small and was just bursting with excitement.

Last thought on Disney. What is AMAZING to me is that Disney World in itself is extravagant and a huge, huge event every day. Not just once. EVERY DAY they pull out all the stops. Parades, decorations, friendliness, fireworks, more parades... a HUGE party. And they wake up. And they do it all again. And again. Its like groundhog day at Disney. Its so crazy to me that every day it is a ridiculous event. Mind blowing.

So this is our fall fun. Like I said, we've been overdue for a little fun around here.


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Yay for Disney! How fun! Glad you guys had a good time :)

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