Football player, Cinderella, and the big 30

Here is a Halloween picture of my babies!! What is hilarious, is that for 11 months straight they wanted to be a skeleton. It all started from going trick or treating at The Avenue in West Cobb last year. A man was there doing a puppet show and had a skeleton named "Top Hat Bones". My kids were obsessed with him. We talked about top hat bones at least weekly for 11 months.
October comes and I already have the skeleton costumes ready. Low and behold, the morning of Halloween, they run off to their closets and completely pull out dress-up clothes they have.
So..... a last minute decision:

Georgia Football Player and Cinderella. Whatever!

Also, I am now married to an older man. Tim turned 30!! Chef, his dad, of course went all out! We had a small dinner party (ok small still means at least 30 people at his parents house). It was delicious! We had Shrimp and Beef Empanadas as the main course and they were awesome! My mom thought she was hilarious by bringing an "over the hill" cake. As if the party wasn't enough, everyone brought him Home Depot giftcards- and enough to build a deck! Surprise Nellie Mae, you are getting deck! Of course Tim is building it himself so this project will kick-off in December. We think it's great for a little more "living space" and of course re-sell. If you can't tell, Tim had the best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday Tim!!


Sara Price said...

Don't feel bad Tim...I'm the big 33 in a couple weeks! Glad you guys had fun!

Jess Sykes said...

Sad we weren't together on our big day! Happy Birthday Timmer!!!!!

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