GIVE-AWAY to followers!!!!

So, Tim and I want to THANK YOU for all of the messages, emails, phone calls, and just prayers!

I have never done a giveaway before, but really wanted to.
I feel like it is an appropriate time to send out a thank you gift to one of our faithful followers!

As a gift,to be a conversational piece and a little bit of tim and jen in your house..... we are giving away a chainsaw bear!!!! Hand carved by Tim, this baby will be shipped straight to you!!

I am going to enter all the names of our followers in a jar and draw one on Friday Jan. 27th. I would love to know who my followers/readers are so this would be fun for both of us! We had over 300 people visit and read our story on last Monday alone! So I know you are out there... Please sign in on the sidebar and follow along to win an awesome chainsaw bear! Jump on the crazy train =)
*I will announce winner and then I will get the shipping address from there!

These make great gifts, and we don't care if you re-gift it to someone. They retail anywhere from $75-$125.
(They are about 2 feet tall by 12 inches wide)
Here is a picture of a few of the ones he made at Christmas:

To end, I have an update:
Overwhelmed. Encouraged. Blessed. Those are the emotions we have been experiencing the past 7 days. Tomorrow will mark one week of an amazing new phase of life we have entered. Tim was telling our pastor about his first week this morning and he described our emotions perfectly when he told him, "We are kinda afraid to exhale right now...."
I think when you have been hit blow by blow for an extended period of time..... you become defensive at life.... We have to fight the urge of feeling like something bad is about to wipe us out again. You throw your arms up to protect what feels like is about to fall. We are slowly trying to rest in God's goodness and His peace right now. It is hard, actually. But, we are learning.

The out-pouring we have had from family, friends, and complete strangers via my blog has blown us out of the water. I know that "bad/sad stories" suck in people all over the blog community. Does misery love company? Apparently so. Anyway, we are excited to share our stories because God always comes through. There is a good ending to most of our stories. Sometimes have loss without a pot of gold at the end, especially miscarriages, but have gained so much inwardly. He holds all things together. He has held us together. And that's why we share. We decided when we were 18 and started dating we would live a transparent life. We feel as if it's our calling. My prayer is that people will draw nearer to God b/c of our testimony.


Robinbird said...

Those are SO CUTE!! What a great giveaway! Do you want our email addys, too?

jennifer said...

Yay!!! I'm really excited too! (So is Tim- this one is gonna be good!) I will get emails/addresses when I draw the winner, good luck =)

Jill said...

I was just telling Sam yesterday about these bears that Tim makes!! I think they are just adorable! :)

Jess said...

I want a bear to go with my chainsaw gremlin owl please - the gremlin owl is lonely.

The Partins said...

And if you pick me... I'm SOOO close... just saying... haha.

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