Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Well, how about a chainsaw bear instead of a chicken dinner!
Since I have now become a pro-raffler, I decided to go all official.
The kids helped.

We busted out the tickets.And I let my 5 year old David close his eyes and reach in and grab a ticket:

Cecilia Long is the winner!!!! Congrats!!!
Cecilia is a long time friend from college and sorority sister. We re-connected via blog world and have been able to keep up with eachother!!
Thanks again not only to Cecilia, but to every person that takes the time out to read about our crazy journey.
I LOVED doing the raffle and have future plans for another one =)
I re-re-re did our bedroom again so next post will be pics of it! Sold the $50 set I had for $300. So, get ready for the newest bedroom furniture, ha!

Tim has just finished 2 weeks of his job, CRAZY!!! I think I failed to mention that he was literally hired the day of interview and has been working non-stop since! Everything is going amazing besides me just trying to adjust to the ricochet of emotions that we just had!
Time to get this place cleaned up (if you cant tell by that last pic up there).
Happy Friday and thanks again to all of our readers!

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

Brian just found a chainsaw ice sculpting show on TV. We immediately thought of Tim. If you ever run out of trees...;)

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