Video Post #1

Next video is Mackenzie's first ballet lesson. We are outside the room looking through a tinted/sound-proof window. I was amazed at how she just picked right up.... this class has been together since August and I thought my ballerina did quite well for her very first time. Poor baby is also the tiniest little ballerina. Her teacher, Mrs. Emma, said she was going to be a born ballerina...... we'll see about that. In the meantime, she did come home and want to wear a tiara for the rest of the night- oh my word. It will be neat to compare videos in 8 weeks! I also love how Mackenzie is so into David's baseball games and David was glued to the window watching her ballet lesson. Didn't see that coming! I will note I was the only mother in the hallway videoing that also had her 5 year old there, ha! David is such a sweetheart- he watched her whole lesson and got a little antsy at the end here, hence him putting his mouth on the window and he just couldn't figure out the window tint! Love his squeal when the girls circle up!
**she is the one in the bottom right corner closest to me!

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