Video Post #2 - fixed!

Finally figured out how to post a video.... apparently it's rocket science!
Stomach flu/Food poisoning/Something awful took me out Wednesday night. So far its just hit me and for that I am thankful. Kids are with Momo and Mimi and for that I am thankful.

The only other thing positive about being flat on my back for 48 hours? I did catch up on the Mother's Bible Study I have been in, it's called Motherwise. I have never been more thankful for this international ministry and to be in a community of mothers at our church! Tim and I were both raised in christian homes with parents married 30+ years so this study has helped put truth behind our childhood and we are so blessed by the long term fruit of it.
I also decided to pull out the videos I have been taking at the kids baseball and ballet. I can't tell you how much fun it is to have these little people- our lives are full of joy. They are my 2 greatest gifts.

First video: Davids 2nd baseball game. They get 3 pitches, but no one strikes out- they will bring out a T and let them hit it if they miss all 3 balls. It's really adorable and I love Mt. Paran makes them feel like they win no matter what. I do apologize for my voice in the background. Honestly, one of my biggest fears is him not paying attention and getting smacked in the face with the ball and his glasses hurting him :/ Tim and I position ourselves at different places to make sure he keeps focusing! He also used to hit the ball and then just stop and watch it, thus getting out on first base.... hence, me yelling "RUN DAVID RUN!!" So proud of my little buddy.

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