Tuesday Toddler Talk

Mommy- Hey guys, where is daddy?

david- He's working.

Mommy- What does daddy do at work?

david- goes to the potty, goes to savannah, talks to people... and fixes people so they aren't hot

Mommy- what does mommy do?

mackenzie- goes to Vegas, cooks, cleans the table and throw up (amen after last week).

Mommy- do you have a sibling?

mackenzie- No. I don't have those or any bugbites.

Mommy- where do we go during the day?

david- the bouncehouse
mackenzie- disney world, puglicks (publix), and to get flushies (slushies) at Ritas

What are your favorite colors?

david- red and black
mackenzie- pink, purple, and red

Mommy- What do you guys know about Jesus?

david- oh..... i know him. He's God. And He helps us.

mackenzie- He keeps us from getting in fights and our teeth from falling out

Mommy- Guys, remember we are moving soon? Why are we?

david- because i want a fireplace

mackenzie- because we are keeping Nellie Mae forever but going to let another family live here

(impressed my little 3 year old understands a rental, ha! maybe a future realtor?!)

Mommy- It's almost summertime, what are we gonna do?

mackenzie- play with ladybugs, bake cookies, and use the sprinkler on me

david- Popsicles.

Well, that is life according to the little Willis' over here! Its all fun, games, slushies, and cookies!

Life according to the big Willis' haven't been as much fun as them, ha! Tim has 2 weeks left until graduation and his work has ramped up! We are getting ready to rent out Nellie Mae. We are also waiting for a specific foreclosure to hit the market for the past month and it is making a few of my hairs turn grey. We also had every sickness in Marietta make its way to our house and take out everyone but Tim! I forgot what it was like to be sick and take care of 2 sick kids. And throw up. Oh.
I always love my chats with the kiddos b/c what they see is so different from what we see...... Love that on so many levels and it's what continues to make us laid back in the midst of the turbulence that always comes our way!

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The Riddle's said...

hey Jen, so cute. Just saw that you are moving, congrats!!

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