A moment.

Isn't it funny how just the mere factor of time can play out so many plans?

Like a short amount of time. Can answer all kinds of questions. It almost seems unfair sometimes that within 24-48 hours plans can either go from one extreme to the next.

We are in the middle of a bidding war on a house that we found. I can't give any details, especially on the internet, but we will know an answer on Wednesday, possibly Friday, who the "winner" is.

Crazy, right? I've never been in a bidding war before on an investment property. Its just crazy-can't-wrap-my-head-around-it that in a little over 24-72 hours we will either be packing our house up to move within 30 days. Or we will start our search over and wait patiently for the house we are supposed to have.

Time. It's so powerful. And so telling. I feel like I felt the day before an ultrasound. In one moment, one scan, one appointment.... I would find out if I was carrying a healthy baby and we would add to our family. Or if I would go home, grieve the loss, and deal with losing a baby. Just from one moment, that tells you the next directional path.

We have been the recipients of waiting for houses to sell, deals to close, ultrasounds to see, a verdict to be given, a diagnosis to be determined, a job interview to hear back from, a relationship to move forward, and I could go on.
What do you do in those moments? Of life? Real life?
They are so powerful. The power of a moment.
How life altering moments can be and pivotal in our walk.

To be anxious or not to be anxious? We know God says to not be anxious about anything.
To worry or not to worry? We know God says to not worry about tomorrow.

It's definitely all easier said than done, but do you know what happens when God gives you the blessing of trial and perseverance?

You learn to persevere. The only way to learn perseverance is to actually persevere. Doesn't matter what you think you know, knowing something and then living something are very different.

It is in these moments that I identify with Paul and count it as pure joy when our faith is tested. God has blessed us in ridiculous ways. We have also seen God say no. And we have had plenty of disappointment. We will continue to stand up under trial and under waiting and not give way to the enemy. I remember telling people 10 years ago I would love to write a book one day. In my ignorance and lack of any real life problems or experience, I thought it was on my own merits of living right that I could show others how to live. Many have heard the saying, "If you want to write a book, you must live a book first." Yeah, that's definitely true. I am thankful for what God has and is letting us experience because I know both Tim and I are apart of a much bigger picture he is painting for us. And mission- but that's another blogpost!

These moments of waiting often bring back other times we have waited. And I am reminded, God shows up. He is who are faith and eternity are in. While this earth is passing away, His kingdom isn't. His words and ways will leave a permanent mark on our heart.
 I think that it is those marks on our heart, not our life circumstance or what we have... that I begin to grasp what life is really all about.

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