Mice. Win. Again.

Only my long time followers will get my title post and the humor behind that. If you would like to read the awesome time that mice first took over- please read this post- it is insanity.

One day when I am 60, I can't wait to read all these stories that have happened to our family. It is un-real. But, what I have learned it that it is consistently unreal and a huge adventure God is in the middle of taking our family on!

So Day 1 of Spring Break. Thought we would take it pretty easy since I am recovering from a 4 day stomach bug =( I'm gonna go ahead and count that as a fail.

The kids and I head outside this morning and plan on having a yard day, with light work involved. Pulling weeds, laying some pine straw, planting a few flowers, and vegetables, spraying for bugs, and cleaning out the shed a little.
Okay, re- reading that maybe I did bite off a little more than I could chew with my 2 preschoolers, but they LOVE being outdoors. And so do I. Anyway, we start out with a list for inventory of what we are going to need at Home Depot. I open the shed and see what we need! There was a wheel barrow to my right with some drop cloths, so I picked up the cloths to pull out my wheel barrow for planting. I start hearing tiny squeaking. I immediately said, "Kids! Come quick! We have baby birds in here!! Shhh!!!"
So we all huddle around the wheel barrow. I lift up the cloth. And holy freaking cow there are baby mice everywhere and a mom and a dad- hell, it could have been 2 moms with all the babies on a playdate because they were going nuts. I SHRIEK. I'm talking neighbors-might-be-thinking-im-getting-stabbed SHRIEK. I may have momentarily blacked out, but as soon as I was with it, both of my kids are just peering over the wheel barrow watching. I run back and grab them and as I do, one of the adult mice jumps out of the wheel barrow onto the floor and darts off. I throw myself and kids into the van parked in front of the shed and shut the doors and if being chased by a coyote! As I call Tim frantically I see the other adult mouse jump out with a BABY in its MOUTH! Are you kidding me?! I then watch the other one come back and they are suddenly declaring exodus on the wheel barrow and taking their home and babies elsewhere! It's like some kind of horror movie. When Tim finally answers and finally calms me down enough to make sense that all I am calling him about is some mice. that are outside. he tells me he is on a rooftop fixing an air conditioning and he is gonna have to call me back. and to leave the mice alone that he will deal with it.
I stew. I am not letting these mice ruin my day. I leave the house. We go to home depot. I guess what we need b/c there is no way I was doing inventory anymore. I tell my sob story to a few people at the store. To the bug man on aisle 1. To anyone that will tell me that it is going to be okay. And that this isn't the first time mice have invaded my space. And my day. And my life.
I call the pet store. Ask them if they want some mice. They are not interested and quickly get me off the phone.
I call a few friends in the store. One told me to burn the shed down. One told me to go and stay at a hotel. After realizing that Tim may check me into an insane asylum if i pursue either of those, I decide to head home and that I will take them on. We have no yard crew- my husband is at work- I will do it. They are vermin. And disease carrying. I want them out. And I will do it.
We pull up and I decide whatever is left in the wheel barrow is about to be flung into the woods. The mice have had enough time to leave, and if not, they are all on their way out. And I would just leave the wheel barrow until next spring. I ask the children to stand back and I grabbed it, screamed, and ran as fast as I could across the yard into the woods. Like a total psycho. Can you imagine driving by and seeing a crazy woman screaming and pushing her wheel barrow as fast as possible straight into the woods?
We were finally able to move onto the yard work. And I just should have tabled that. I was already completely exhausted from being sick, having a heartache from discovering a mice nest, and then my trip to home depot with both of my kids. David wanting to touch and ride every lawn mower, grab the sharp yard tools, and was trying to climb the fertilizer stacks at the check out. Mackenzie loves to wander off, pull petals of the flowers for sale, and find all the puddles in the garden section and stomp them.

I put everyone to bed for a nap and told them mommy needed a time-out. Really, I just wanted a nice, quiet yard to plant my flowers. Luckily, Tim called and was able to make me feel normal and that he was almost off. Which for the first time in our whole married lives, actually means he really is almost off. Hallelujah!

The end of the day ended lovely. We grilled out, went out for ice cream, and the scarred visions of the mice became a little blurry.

Watch out for those mice. They come like satan. A thief in the night.


Melisa said...

just awesome. you are braver than I friend! I would have never come out of the van! :)

The Riddle's said...

We have caught 3 mice in our house since we moved in. I think they come in when we leave the garage open. Funny post! I scream too when I see mice. We have these little sticky traps that we lay out.

Cecilia said...

I'm not a fan of them either, you are braver than I would be! When we lived in Austin the office park I worked in started doing renovations to the building next to us. This sent mice over into our building and into some of our cubicle cabinets. Let's just say I didn't handle it well at all :).

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