Vegas, baby.

As my 3 year old loved telling everyone, "my mommy works in vegas." Yeah.... that one needed some follow up! Anyway, I worked as a VIP Logistics Event Planner for Kia and the event was in Vegas for 1 week.
It was truly a blast. If you have read the above post, I have obviously had a lot of time (7 years) of not working to really think about what I want to do with my time when I do and can work and my children get a little older. In the past 2 years, I have done a few events a year and love it more and more. It's been really awesome for our family. For Tim to take on some of my roles and help out on the days or week that I work- who doesn't love swapping roles once in a while?!- and me just to have a time out from my day to day, kids, the house, the construction (do i really need to list it?!)- and for the kids- they get to go to a friends house for a playdate. David is only half day kindergarten from 9 to 1. Mackenzie is still home with me, however, Davids school has a moms morning out that she can go to if I ever have an appointment, ect. Its the same hours so that is great.

Anyway, the confidentiality of this job is pretty high. We work closely with company executives and their big meetings and most of what we see and do we cannot share. It has been really neat to be on the inside of so many companies and really see what they are like. Some are as they appear. Some are not at all!
My specific role was to handle all logistics for the corporate VIP during the entire week of the event. It was long days and some long nights, but a huge success. I really love my role at Logistics and feel like I have been naturally gifted at it because I love it so much and it doesn't stress me out. And I totally credit all my experience of running a home, children, and 2 pretty intense house renovations logistically. Haha!

One funny story that has nothing to do with my job. So, one night I was waiting for the president of Kia at the restaurant he was going to be eating at. I was dressed all in black with notebooks, phones, nextels, ect..... kinda looking like the secret service. Well, all of the sudden this guy walks right up in front of me lingering and then slowly takes a few steps away. I turn away from him so that he cannot hear what I am saying into my radio because he was standing so close. As I get a little further away from him, I finally look at his face and it strikes me that this man looks just like Ryan Seacrest. He stares right at me and then I look away because my radio comes in again that the president is almost there. I shrug off my thought because why would Ryan Seacrest just be hanging out in my hotel in front of this restaurant?? And why was he so small?? He sat down in front of me in the lobby of the restaurant I was standing in. After the president came in, I had really forgotten about him! Well, Thursday night we got invited out on our off time to Tryst Nightclub in our hotel. I know. Me in a nightclub. Mother of 2. Whatever..... I went, we got on a list to get in free so I figured what the heck! I had also already been in one a couple nights earlier because we had hosted an event in one. So, I was not afraid. I had friends with me and security was tight. Right before we went in they told me they were pretty sure a celebrity had just walked past them. I asked who? Sure enough they said Ryan Seacrest. This time, we ask security because I swear I am losing my mind. They confirm its him and he came in town early all week for his IHeartRadio event at MGM. So, he gets ushered to a booth with security surrounding him. No chance we are going to be hanging out. What is weird is only 1 other person spotted it was him besides us. He kept a very quiet profile. He is super tiny. And very tan. And was with 2 other men. Anyway, it was very funny. Even funnier since few nights before I told everyone I blew him off. So, the next morning my team was calling me Mrs. Seacrest all day.

Good times. I guess you never really know who you are going to run into when in Vegas. Let me just throw in one more thing. You also never know who you are going to be sitting in an airplane next to on the way to Vegas. And that is a whole separate issue..... Lord have mercy! The couple I sat next to on the way out there were taking shots, chewing tobacco, and throwing back those 5 hour energy drinks like crazy. I was so un-easy and was also pretty sure none of those things were supposed to be mixed :/
I also watched numerous people get married. Also saw a completely full black jack table at 745 in the morning with drinks in hand, ready to go. It's Vegas, baby.

Other highlight was the Eagles were the hosted talent this year (well, most of the Eagle members). They were pretty amazing and, again, me not recognizing famous people ate dinner next to the saxophone player and had no idea. Not even sure what I was rambling on about during that meal :/

Since I have been back home I have been able to do a few events in Atlanta, last week a few days at the Chickfila corporate office which is always a treat to work with them. I say it is hilarious what I do because my life goes from such a preschooler/kindergartener lifestyle of mess, toys, cleaning, and construction to an entire different extreme when I am at work that it is so humorous to me! I can't tell you how blessed I feel to live both right now and be able to learn what I am learning. No job I have done yet, for me, has been as hard, rewarding, and rich as staying at home with my kids... and I really mean that.

I always dreamed of being a wife and mother, but I also long for a small life outside of that. Something where I can feel like I am using other gifts and learning and growing in an industry I can hopefully become more a part of as my children grow up and start their own lives (we are talking long term here obviously). But, I feel like I have to make choices now and be intentional so that when the time comes and I can work part time, I will know what I want to do..... and what I don't want to do. Anyway, here are a few snap shots of glamorous Vegas life. Tim always so sweet when I come home. Life on the event includes a fancy hotel with 2 maid crews during the day that clean your room and all of your meals prepared for you!!! Haha!! You see the contrast? Whenever I come home he has cleaned and has dinner thought out.... its really sweet and I have to remind him that there is never anywhere else I'd rather be. Besides, my OCD-ness always straightened up a little after the maids left because it wasn't how I do it :/
The Wynn Hotel...
 A nightclub we hosted a reception at... actually very classy
Secret service style...

Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh from the Eagles...
I could watch these fountains every night at the Bellagio, beautiful

Me and the dancing Kia hamster, my kids love him..

I really have the best memories from this trip and I love that God has allowed me to be apart of it.

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