Sometimes I can't believe I met Tim almost 13 years ago. We were SO young! I realize christian marriages in general are a huge rarity. HUGE. Being married to 1 person your lifetime is an even bigger rarity. The divorce rate is through the roof and I remember being afraid for a short season of my life that my parents would divorce..... not because they didn't get along, but because that is what most of my friend's parents did. As I saw my parents love grow, even through the bad times, it gave me hope that real love does exist and I could find the love of my life one day. I am wildy impressed at those who did not have examples like mine and have just clung to truth and believed in holy marriage even though they had not seen it in their own lives. Tim and I's parents are both at 35 years and ridiculously in love.

I think at this point in our marriage, we really will lay down our own life, desires, and dreams for the other person. I never realized the power in this, but it is pretty awesome. Little did we know making a commitment to find Tim's passion in a career would have involved what it actually ended up involving.....
Whew. But. Wow.
I would seriously do it all again because he is so alive. And loves what he does every day. And you know what??
That makes me so happy because he has layed his life down for me to do what I love every day..... Raise these babies.

Now. Let me tell you the enemy is always trying to attack. Sabotage.
I have fears that I have to take captive. Surrender. And claim truth. Satan will make me question....
What if I don't hear God?
What will be the next storm that comes to hit us?

Each person will have a different set, but I promise you there is something that is a lie that will make you doubt. If you are following after Christ and trying to hear His voice, I promise you will also be attacked by the enemy and hear his lies. You can't live in fear. You can't live in regrets. And you really have to BELIEVE that God is working all things for the good of those that love Him.... And probably what I have learned the most is TRUSTING him with the hurt and pain this life will bring.

We are free from that. Greater is He that is within me and we have the power to call a lie a lie and claim truth. I can't tell you how alive we feel. How we have faced so much defeat, pain, and hardship.... and how God has redeemed it ALL. You don't always get what you want, but sometimes God blesses you 10 fold when you are obedient and continue to follow Him no matter what, even when you lose it all.

I really believe God redeems all circumstances. Maybe not how we think...
I shared this morning in my womens Bible study..... Tim went from being laid off- to getting a full scholarship to get his HVAC degree. To being the #1 Recruited Student out of the program. To being at one of the top companies in Atlanta handling their commercial accounts.
We went from putting our house for sale on a whim.... to selling it 13 days later. :/
To realize the week of closing was also the week that Tim was going to be losing his job. We didn't know that. But God did.
We put all our stuff in storage. We lived with his parents while he worked, went to school, and we bought Nellie Mae and renovated her.
Almost 3 years ago we were home-less. We now own 2 homes. God redeemed.
God also redeemed all of the hard hard work of cleaning houses that I did. When Tim was going through the transition, I advertised on craigslist and would clean on evenings, weekends, and mornings whenever Tim or the grandparents could watch the kids. Normally when they would nap or be in bed. There was a stretch when I was cleaning 13 houses a month. God humbled me during that time and has now redeemed me with some really fun and rewarding part time work as an event planner.
And our children..... our precious precious children. God has redeemed. David asked the other day if anyone he knew would be in heaven right now. We talked about my Uncle Bob who just went this week, my mothers father, Clarence and Chefs mother, Alice. Chefs dad EJ is also in heaven. Then he asked if there were any kids he would know that are there. I told him he had LOTS of brothers and sisters in heaven. 5 to be exact.  David was THRILLED. And said, Well mommy we are all going to end up there anyway so its ok right? You have to love a 6 year old's simplicity.
Yes baby, We will all end up there together. I figure one day when they are older or if they ever ask or if it is appropriate, Ill show them the ultrasounds of all of them. Or Mackenzie may want to see that she had a twin. I'm so blessed God picked these 2 kids for me to keep here on Earth and have for a short time. I still firmly believe God isn't done with our family. I don't know what that exactly looks like, but He has told me He isn't done.

Well, the whole post was supposed to just be about Tim and his awesome job. They like him. And they took him on a big fishing and golfing trip. And Tim, being the stud and jack of all trades he is, of course brought home a freaking massive Amber Jack fish. He did find out down there it was worth $24/ lb. so for a few days I swore he would sell it and bring home cash, but he didn't. He brought home fish. Lots of awesome, awesome fish. He also caught a grouper! Anyway, I was so happy for him to go and here are a few pictures:

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