End of the Year!!

This is my attempt to catch my blog up in pictures and wrap up 2012! We have done so much on the house and are 1 month out from completion- we were hoping to finish Christmas, but with life and children... we had to push it back!
Going to be blogging and trying to get all of 2012 up before the year ends!! We have tons of things happening so I have to get on it...

Funny things my kids say that I need to remember real fast:
Mackenzie gets so mad when I wash her hair and I am trying to pass off this chore to her to do by herself completely. However, during the dramatic process (because EVERYTHING is dramatic when you have a daughter) she says, "Mommy, stop bossing my hair around. I do not like it!!" She calls me scrubbing her hair with shampoo = bossing it around.

David since he could speak constantly calls a "hotel" a "hu-tel". I don't know why and I can't seem to shake it. Oh well, hu-tel sounds a lot fancier I guess.

I need to start back at Halloween:

Trick or Treating at the Avenue outdoor shops. David was a pirate and Mackenzie was Belle.
Mackenzie loved the man on stilts... the girl has no intimidation or fear. David cautiously peered at him from behind my leg...
We have been trying to eat and try all the restaurants on the Marietta Square. We went to Thaicoon with some people from church and it was very yummy! We live being a mile from the square!
I am shocked we still use our bread mill and bread machine (going on 5 years) and we have been using our juicer for a year making the "Mean Green" veggie juice!
Our street during the fall...
I worked an Event with Microsoft when they released the new Surface in November...
Our 2012 pumpkin
I think we have close to almost 30 children on our street. We all went trick or treating! Have I mentioned how much I love living here??
I got a new beautiful nephew (Tim's oldest brothers and child #2), baby Ben. Tim and I are now Aunt J and Uncle Timmy to 4 sweet boys!
We spent lots of time on Kennesaw Mountain as the leaves changed on the weekends..
I've been helping teach the 3 year old nursery class at church...
Mackenzie LOVES baby dolls. She is a full time care taker of them right now
Tim turned 31
David was "Squanto" in his first school Thanksgiving play.
We had a FUN date night for Tims birthday to Ikea and dinner with my best friend who shares the same birthday!
I am still running the Farmers Market and made some yummy homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving
Beautiful Thanksgiving day
LOTS of food!
Mackenzie and my nephew Josh have become so close and look so much alike!
Went back to my natural color being a brunette, ha!
Took the kids to see the Nutcracker!
We went on the Tour of Homes in Marietta with my mom and dad. It is all of the sudden fascinating to me since we now live inside the Historic District to see houses that have been renovated. It was fun and we got some great ideas!
Mackenzie was my first child to go to the E.R. Never thought it would be my daughter first. She opened her dresser drawer out on her and it went pretty deep right in her eyebrow line :( I was very sad, but she was super brave and barely flinched. 3 stitches in her eyebrow. So thankful the scar will be hidden.
Thought this was a little overkill, but they were numbing her face before stitches. FYI- if your small child ever gets stitches, they are put in a straight jacket so they don't freak out. It was so sad for me to see that. Again, she thought it was a game because Tim wraps them in blankets tight and they pretend they are burritos. Ha! Was thankful for that silly game that kept her calm.

David getting ready to sing in the Kindergarten Christmas Choir. So sweet.
Worked another event in early December at Coke Corporate. Every inch of that place was decorated, it was a lot of fun!
Love seeing the Polar Bear every year and he is so goofy when no people are around, we had fun with him!
Santa and Mrs. Claus.... the hilarious part about this... a friend paid for this couple to be at her childs birthday 3 years ago and GO FIGURE, my grandmothers assisted living place hired the same folks. I have the same picture from 3 years ago posted here. Hilarious.
Annual Christmas lights sight seeing...
Pink Pig ride on Mackenzie's 4th Birthday! Very fun, but the night ended very bad when we were pushed to the ground by some people who had robbed a store and were trying to flee. We were fine. Maybe more on that story later.
Mackenzie is now 4 and has lots of sassiness to prove it!!!
But she LOVESSSS her big brother. They are so so close and sweet together.
We decorated Gingerbread men at a friends house...
And to end the year, I suffered an injury renovating the house and have been spending LOTS of time in the physical therapy office every week. Definitely more on that later....
And here is Mackenzie in my shirt when I was a little 4 year old at Christmas.... oh how I see so much of myself in her it's scary!

Hold Fast blogland, I have more pictures, stories, and some big exciting things for 2013 we are pumped about :)

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