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The conversations in our house are pretty entertaining. I wonder sometimes how our children have such wild and insane imaginations. Everything is silly. They believe in everything. Santa is very real. Disney is Mickey's home. Batman lives in Gotham City. Spiderman lives in New York. Tinkerbell really does fly and pixie dust is precious. It also resembles anything close to glitter in my house. I laugh and smile and I foster any imagination in our house... I also think it comes straight from my husband. As we are sitting down the other night, this Tim and I's conversation.

Tim: Do you think we ever were around each other and didn't know it before we really met in college?
Jen: Hmmm..
Tim: Like if we were at the same restaurants, vacations, anything? Anything? You think we were?
Jen: Well, I don't see how we could possibly ever know the answer to that
Tim: Sure we can.
Jen: And how is that babe? How do we possibly figure that out?
Tim: I don't know. Probably in Heaven one day there is like a google. Google in heaven. Where you can look up anything. Hoogle, probably, that's what it will be called.
Jen: I'm done. Just done. You're done. And I'm not responding to you.

Keep in mind sarcasm is our greatest tool in marriage. Winning.
It is in these conversations I realize my children have every shred of imagination from Tim. Completely.

Well, Tim is literally wrapping up his final crazy week for the HVAC peak season, wahoo! The summers are his busiest time and he has been slammed. Good though, right? His job is still so perfect for him. It completely taps into his natural gifting of fixing any and everything, the Commercial industry always presents a new challenge and diagnosis for him to beat, and he still really loves it and has no plans to change. I cannot believe where all we have been to be here, but none of that even matters now. That, or maybe I really did loose all my marbles during that time period.
 So, Tim is going to be a stay at home daddy for a week. My annual big work trip is soon in Las Vegas and I cannot wait! Is there really anything better than switching roles with a stay at home mom?
I think not.
 You think you have it all figured out being daddy.... swooning in after work, throwing a few dishes in the sink, patting the kids on the head and kissing them before bed. Well, I can't wait for these 2 crazies to rock his world for 7 days! SEE YA SUCKER!!!!
Ha! I am kidding. Kind of. Tim's work around the house is pretty clear and evident to even people that have never met us, ha! Tim is a huge hands on dad, he obviously fixes, builds, and handles everything, he loves to cook and many nights jumps in and takes over after I've started, and he knows the ins and outs of our day. I love how in-tune he really is or I would never be able to just up and leave town and have him do EVERYTHING. And while some guys bring home flowers, well, Tim decided to build me an office instead. His love language is provision. And mine is logistics.
Have you ever done this all you mamas out there? It's a role recognition and I think sometimes it helps you put things in perspective. What do you really have time for? What's important and what is not?
The other day I listed out the top things I am doing.
They are:
My relationship with God, making time for Him, hearing from him, and trying to live a life of prayer
Teacher-  homeschooling Mackenzie for Preschool, not just academics, but using opportunities as anything teachable
Trying to be a decent family member and friend
Investing in others and church community
Landlord of Nellie Mae. Checking in. Collecting rent. Communicating with renter. Tim does fix anything that goes wrong over there
Bill Payer- Tim knows everything as well, we have budget and spending meetings, but I do all the logistics of paying the bills. Why? Well, this is where my OCD-ness proves I am the better candidate
Employee- #1 Tuesdays for Farmers Market Baskets pick up at our house #2 Cobb Antique Booth owner- just entails me re-finishing furniture and keeping our booth stocked month to month. (Last month we sold out!) #3 Corporate Event Planner- a few times a year I work events, annually I go for a week.
Landscaper- I am not awesome, but with Tim on commercial rooftops all day, I can't handle him coming home to do yard work. I actually love cutting grass. And it totally counts as exercise.
Housecleaner- PRAISE JESUS, just my own. I am touchy about this. Don't ever tell me if you have a house cleaner. I will secretly hate you. Mainly because I cleaned 13 houses a month for a short period in my life. I went through a strike for a while with my own and am just now circling back around to recover and clean my own.
Exerciser - sadly all that entails is my day to day activity plus walking in the mornings
PTA mom- I know, I know..
Car logistics- I keep up with the records, maintenance, all that jazz. Tim can fix anything that breaks
Pet Owner
Meal Taker
Shopper- for food, clothes, building materials, and all things Amazon Prime

So, it is going to be kind of awesome for me to leave for a week. Can you tell I am excited? Love this man. Love that he would not only consider it, but insist for me to go. The great thing about Tim is that he is a smooth sailor. He won't have emotional outbursts under pressure. He quite possibly may do my job better than me. Either way, I love that the kiddos will have daddy being in their day to day.

Since it has been all about David and going to 1st grade, here are some little fun things I never want to forget about Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Conversations:
Mackenzie- Daddy, when I grow up, I am going to be God.
Tim- No
Mackenzie- Well fine, I'll just dress up like him then.
Tim- NO?
Mackenzie- Well fine, I don't know where to get any God shirts anyways.

This morning. Mackenzie comes walking into our bedroom. Straight faced. Stands at the foot of our bed. She announces she has something very important she needed to let us know.
She can fly.
Then, she turns around, and walks out.

I love car conversations. I have been trying to once a week ask the kids about a scenario that could come up with the adoption of a new brother/sister/whatever may come.
We used the most recent situation we are waiting to hear back about, which is a little boy, who I firmly believe may be David's long lost twin. Seriously, imagine another David. So I posed the question:
Me: So kids, what will happen when you get mad at your new brother or sister one day, lets just call it a brother today, what do you think you will do? We will be his new family and there will be a lot of work to help him adjust to living with our family. You guys will have to learn to work it out with him just like you do with each other...
Mackenzie: Mama, if he ever gets sad. Ever. I will tell him, "Its okay. Don't be sad. We are your family now and you are home."

I'm pretty glad that day I was sitting in the drivers seat because the whole way home I had tears down my cheeks. I feel like this road has been destiny for our family. Bigger than that, God's ultimate Family Plan. In James 1:27 to look after orphans in distress...
I can't tell you how gut wrenching it is right now.
One phone call can give us an answer. A new son.
One phone call can also tell us, You weren't the ones...
We are among multiple families that are being decided for this sweet child. 

Waiting on that news. Envisioning this child you haven't met in your life. In your every day. All I have is a photo. A brief summary.
Falling in love with a child you know very little about. Sounds shocking. Yet, I did it many times. I fell in love with many children. Two I got to meet and call my own.
I feel like my loss has prepared me for the roller coaster, heartache, and the unknown of adoption.
Answers. And lack of answers.
Does my preparation make it easier?
In some cases it makes it harder. We have been on the receiving end of more bad news than good.

Would you pray for this child we are waiting to hear back about?
I have given it to the Lord.
My heart is in the best condition it can be while we wait for a new son. Or go back to the list and wait.

How do you guard your heart fully to protect it and fully live for hope and joy that you may gain a son any day? How do you do that?

You don't my friends, you don't. Our hearts are on the line.

Now how about we end this post a little more cheery?

Tim hung some awesome pendant lights in our fun kitchen. This kitchen makes me feel like having a house party every weekend.

My almost 7 year old doing a front flip off the diving board.
New dining room. To the right is where Tim enclosed a new office. Promise to get pics soon.
Our new pet frog, Cornbread. He sits with us every meal and during homework.
Mackenzie starting gymnastics. Doesn't this photo make her look like we are doing olympic training?
My main man climbing to fix Ken Stanton Musics Air Conditioning! Right next door to my Antique Booth~
Also, since school started, we have found and returned 4 dogs to their homes. I don't know why we find strays. So.... if your dog gets loose in downtown Marietta, it will probably come to my house.
Happy Labor Day weekend friends!
We are off to a Family Canoe trip tomorrow morning (:


Elisa Rose said...

I love everything in this post. Thank you.

Cecilia said...

Every time we leave an adoption training I feel excited/hopeful and overwhelmed/stressed, conflicting emotions to say the least. What I try to tell myself is that even if the time I get is short (like E) I wouldn't choose to not have them at all. Easier said than done but it sounds like you have a good grasp on it!

Can't wait to hear how this works out for y'all, I don't think you could pick better parents!

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