Wednesdays Word: The Finisher

We have had a tough couple weeks.

The laundry list of tough items we have been waiting through is lengthy. And ugly.
And right now I feel more inclined to write about how and where God is in the middle of it. Because problems will always exist. Waiting will always exist. But, more importantly, our Savior exists and in those moments when you hear Him.... those are the moments worth writing about.

Yesterday, it was quiet. I have been heavy hearted with just the weight and gravity of answers we do not have yet. I haven't been able to shake it. As I quickly started running through scenarios of answers that I have not received yet (thats a fun game, right? No.) A still, quiet voice inside brought this verse from the cobwebs of my mind to the front and center of my heart.....

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb 12:12

That verse stopped my anxiety in its tracks. Him. He. Jesus. Yes. He is the author of our lives. Not us. Not the world. Not the enemy. He is the one writing our story. And in this same story, He is the one perfecting our faith.

I got stuck on Author..... one that originates or creates. It also means the writer, composer, founder, designer, architect, finisher, and would you know..... Father.
And that he is perfecting our faith. Meaning His fautless plan is happening and being executed
Synonyms for perfector are the best, ultimate, exact, absolute, and just right.

The great news is, our stories are being written. They are not over. We do not decide that.
Jesus is our author. And our perfector. Our finisher.
He gets the final say.

When we experience trials of many kinds, I believe thats how James writes that we can consider it pure joy. Because James knew that Jesus was his author. And our author.

It is a beautiful balance to not just read this verse and believe its true, but literally be in a place where you are dying for Jesus to write the next page. We have lived a life that has been like a cliff hanger. We are always desperate to hear from the Lord. And waiting for his next move.

And one thing I know. He is a finisher. He doesn't stop writing. Today, I pray that no matter what your story is, you would find full confidence in that Jesus is your author. And if you have been trying to write it on your own.... you would hand the pen over. 


Joshua said...

Jennifer - you have a powerful voice and it is inspiring. You share deeply personal feelings and how your faith is strengthened by always remaining focused on the author of our lives. Your voice is authentic and it jumps off the page. I hope for many great things to come from the trials you're experiencing and thank you for the inspiration.

Josh said...

Great post Jen. That verse really is perfect.

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