Birthday Boy

Well, David is turning 2 on Friday!!! And boy, has he entered the twos.....the tantrums and personality are in full force. He is quite the dancer, hides car keys and cell phones, cannot be left unattended with crayons due to graffiti, tells everyone he is 2, and has learned what moles are and points them out on people.
His birthday party is going to be the Disney Cars movie. He is a total boy and in love with cars, trucks, and anything with big wheels. We are throwing him a little friend party on Friday and Tim's dad, who is a chef, is throwing a huge family bash Saturday for him. Us and the grandparents all went in and got him a bedroom suite for his birthday so that will lessen the appearance of our house looking like Toys R Us. It's amazing how such a small person can be so much fun, but also exhaust everything in you!

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