Two and ambitious

Well, as much as I try and have a plan for parenthood... it always throws me a surprise!! A couple of months ago, David jumped out of his crib. I found him halfway down the stairwell and he had a huge smile on his face. After recovering from the shock that he was okay and didn't land on his head, I went back to his room with him to see him climb back inside the crib. It had now become a toy. So, within a few hours I moved him into the other room upstairs in a full size bed and we made a big boy room. Much to my surprise he loved in and transitioned immediately to sleeping there now. It was perfect timing because with the baby here in a few months it opened up the nursury! I wasn't going to try and put him in a big bed yet, but he decided he was ready.
Along the same note, two days ago, he told me "pee pee, potty".....so I put him on it and he went!!! This was also another task I was going to accomplish later, not while I am almost 7 months pregnant. But, his interest and ability to do it has come now. So, thus begins potty training for me. I have been peed on and been cleaning up pee ever since. He will sit on the potty and then go in the floor. We are having to work on the timing of it all. My sweet friend Tanya told me last night that its the hardest on the mom....to hold it together and keep patience. I just have to consistently practice everyday until he catches on.....which could unfortunately take a long time. So, here we go!
With all of this going on, I have a much needed moms night out tonight. Tim wanted this neighborhood for us because of the community and families that live here. I am so thankful because I have six other moms that stay at home that we are all in the same boat (age, age of kids, ect) We have playgroups, story times, tumble tots (gymnastics), the pool, and parks we take the kids to all the time. Every month we go out on friday night (no husbands or kids :). For a few hours I eat a meal without cleaning up a mess, wiping a face, and actually have a conversation. It is so fun to have close girlfriends in my same lifestage. I have to still have a social life, friends, and interests to keep my sanity. My decision to stay at home mostly came from my mom doing that with me. Tim also has always wanted me to stay at home with our kids. I count it a blessing we are on the same page and he is so supportive of what I do. I read a quote this week that describes the emotions of it all....
Motherhood...nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality, especially while you struggle to keep your own." – Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons.

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NotQuiteaBride said...

You're too cute. I potty trained Tyler, and it was rough at first. I tried pullups but realized they were just like diapers to him. As soon as I put underwear on him, he trained himself. He hated being dirty, so if he had an accident I had him stay in the underwear for a few minutes until he realized how miserable it was. From then on, he never wanted to pee in his pants. Try it!!

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