I don't even have a title for this one...

Halloween was fun! It was a blast with both kids this year. Fall has been so fun! The weather was pretty awful, but David was so proud of himself and all the candy he collected!

He would go up to most doors by himself while we waited on the sidewalk, so cute!

David was a fireman and Mackenzie was a cow.....

Here is our pumpkin. I have nothing to do with this.... Tim is the creator, carver, and pumpkin carving master!

Now, before you think my kids have turned innocent, i have David's Top Seven list of the mischief he has been into recently. Thank God we didn't make it to 10 this week. I don't want anyone thinking we have it all together over here.... hopefully, this will put you at ease.
It goes from bad to worse.

7. I bought him gum at the store and let him hold it on the way home, only to realize he ate the entire 12 sticks. He was a sticky mess.

6. We use a spanking stick over here and when I was taking the trash out, low and behold, I found that darn thing in the trash. I asked David about it and he said, "I don't like it, I throw it away!!"

5. Went grocery shopping with them, we go every Monday morning so I thought I had it down. I turn around for one second to grab something off the shelf and turn around to find David had dug out my coupon scissors and chopped off a lock of Mackenzie's hair!! She's got a lot, so luckily it's not too noticeable.

4. He fed Holly half a stick of butter this morning. Gross, gross, and gross.

3. Went on a graffiti spree in my closet and garage. Thank the Lord I kept that paint so I can repaint it all.

2. Used the tape player in my new van as a coin dispenser. When I said, "DAVID! WHAT are you doing?!" He says, "Coins go in THERE mommy!" "NO, DAVID, NO!" Luckily, my handyman is handy enough to get all them out.

1. We had our first small house fire today that started in the toaster oven. This morning, he told me he was cooking his Halloween candy for breakfast. I made it to the kitchen before he turned it on and I took it all out (so I thought) When I turned it on for lunch..... it caught on fire. I must have missed a piece in the back....
Our house smells like burnt Snickers.

mental note: Always check ovens before you turn them on.

Anywho. I'm embracing the chaos over here. I will update more when I am not putting out fires, literally. Too bad he was a fire fighter for Halloween, he's like a pyro.

Happy Monday!

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