My little marching ants

1. My little man, David. Gosh, could I love him any more?! He is hysterical and is starting to say the sweetest things, he's gonna be a charmer like his daddy.

For David's 3rd birthday, Chef and Mo mo (what dave calls them), gave him and ant farm!!

You have to mail off for the ants so we just recently got them in the mail. I know, I know.... this probably isn't going to end well. I am sure they are all going to get out and be everywhere.....
but, David is happy. And right now, he is an angry, crazy, wild little 3 year old.... and the ants make him happy. I still am learning how to deal with the little boy behavior of being so physical, angry, and independent. I am trying to teach him how to use his activeness is good ways and express his anger correctly, it is very hard. So, in the midst of these trials..... the ants are my comic relief.
It's a constructive thing for him. So, we spend lots of time talking about the ants, watching the ants, and going over the rules about why we can't take them out or pet them.

He is becoming such a sweet kid though. He loves having fun and being crazy.
I am just praying not one little ant goes missing. I do head counts before bed just to be safe....

2. Mackenzie, 11 Months

Happy 11 months, baby girl!

Okay, mathematically I know this baby is 11 months.... but, I can't quite convince myself that she actually is. No way. No WAY. Well, the only thing that helps this, is that everyone tells me how TINY she is, and she is.... 30 % for her ranks. People ask if she is 6 months old.... I love that, I smile and say..... "ohh. you're close." And I love that. She is super babyish too. Still rolls up like a newborn, holds her feet, and just acts like, well.... a baby.
She is cruising a little though, but I am not sure if she is going to walk by 12 months, we shall see.
It has been so neat to see all the differences of a baby girl and baby boy. Man, are these 2 polar opposites.... but, they do both have feisty personalities, good common ground.

3. Me and my main squeeze

This has been a rough month for us..... As of today, I officially have bronchitis. No worries, if you've been around me. I was only contagious the first few days.... which was 4 weeks ago... no lie. I guess I am prideful and thought I could win this cold. I also don't love going to the doctor with 2 babies, not a fun time. I am good at taking care of everyone else and making sure they don't get sick, except myself!!!! Oh well, praise the Lord it was me and no one else in the fam though.... I'd rather be sick than them! Anyway, I was a couple days away from it being pneumonia, had to get chest xrays, steroid shot, breathing treatments, i had lost 8 lbs, and my body felt like I had been thrown off a motorcycle. It hurt to breathe, especially cough. I know, I'm stupid. I let it go too far. Tim literally put me in the car and took me there today. (Did I mention that I did go after Thanksgiving Day sale shopping all night though??! That didn't help it!)
However, my cold got out of control because when the time change happened.... Lord.
My kids went haywire. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get everyone sleeping normal again. There seriously must have been some kind of gravitational pull, new moon, something creepy. Because, these kids acted like insomniacs. Thus, my cold hung around.
And then there is my better half. Poor Tim's job is having it's slowest time of the year... and that's awesome when it's sales... not. So, he has been pulling super hours at work trying to make up for it.... not going so well. Good news is busy time hits January. I couldn't ask for a more hard working husband... he works hard at work and and at home, and I'm thankful.

All that to say, November has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Sickness, no sleep, long hours with little ones at home = tough times.
Even that said, we've never been so thankful. For each other. For our children. For the Lord providing for us continually. For our family which is our support system. For our friends who are the greatest on Earth.

We are thankful for you and the Lord put you in our life. I still pray this blog will let the truth be seen about struggling to raise children and deepen marriage while we are young. I.t. i.s. h.a.r.d.
One of the hardest things I've ever done. But, the joy, love, and thankfulness from the Lord really does overflow. I have never been more blessed, and thankful.

And, thank you Pottery Barn for clearancing your stockings I have wanted for 2 years.... I love them.


Rachel said...

Great post Jennifer! I hope you feel better soon!

Ashley said...

Jen, I've definitely been there with the bronchitis. Don't you hate feeling like you're never going to get better? I'll be praying for you. I love reading about your little ones. I can't believe McKenzie is going to be a year old either. Time sure does fly! We really need to get together soon. I know we keep saying that, but I mean it! We love you guys! Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I hope you feel better soon! It is hard when momma is sick. Maddie's sleep schedule has been crazy since the time change, too. She has been going to bed at 6:30! That makes it hard for her daddy to have any QT time with her...and if it is a minute past 6:30 she is GRUMPY with a capital G! So, she has also been waking up between 5:30 and 6. So, what is your secret for working this time change thing out? I'm desperate! :) To top things off, too, she is teething. That breaks my heart! Any secrets for that is greatly appreciated, too! I am right there with you about not wanting to believe our little girls are not so little anymore. Time flies way too fast!

Cecilia said...

An ant farm, I love it! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the stockings! They look great!

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