It happened.

Pneumonia, it happened.

I don't even really think I knew what was happening... I never even really knew what pneumonia was!
After I got diagnosed with bronchitis, I was on a Z pak. I figured I would get well soon and just went on with life. Monday morning I woke up feeling terrible, it was my last pill of Z-pak, so I told myself to pull it together, that I must be well by now!
I cleaned house, dressed the kids, and loaded everyone up.... we ran errands and went grocery shopping. By 5:00pm I was in the floor :(

Pneumonia for me was heavy chest pain and difficulty breathing, not fun and kinda scary.
I called Tim and as soon as he got home, he stayed with the kids and I drove down the street to the doctor.

Yep, more chest xrays confirmed pneumonia. Unfortunately, most people that get it have to end up being hospitalized, which i was NOT doing. I told him to do whatever he needed to do because I was going home!
And this is what he did, I needed to blog about my new lifestyle, as a drug lord.

And, FYI, this was all very difficult for me b/c I never get sick and I never really do medicine unless it's completely necessary. So... all that went out the window.

Drug #1- A shot in the tooshie of Rocephin- a very strong antiobiotic that is either given as a shot or through and IV. I did the shot b/c I don't do IV's either unless I'm in labor...
It also hurts like a mother, you can feel the antiobiotic burn as it goes into your system. Try to not ever have to get this.

Drug #2- Levaquin, pills. This is probably the strongest antiobiotic you can take. It literally kills all bacteria in your body. It is super hard on your stomach and I learned that the first night after I projectile vomited all over my husband. Eat with lots of food. This stuff is also $200. Thank God for good insurance, only $20 for me.

Drug # 3- High dosage Naproxen- pain killer/ anti inflammatory. The worst part about pnuemonia is the pain, full body pain. The lining between your ribs and lungs deteriorates and so they rub together... feeling much like someone stabbing you. I like this one, I can breathe with no pain.

Drug # 4- Hydrocodone- this is for severe pain. This sucker basically knocks you into another world. I took this the first 2 days to sleep and stop coughing.... also to numb my body so I could have a break from pain. I am pretty much off this one b/c I don't like feeling out of it completely.

Drug # 5- Benzanate- a numbing cough suppressant. Because of all the chest pain, when you cough it is excruiating. This helps you to not even cough and if you do, not to feel much.

Drug # 6- My inhaler. It relaxes muscles in your airways and allows airflow to your lungs

So, that's it. My body is not my own, it has been taken over by the drugs. I had to blog about it.
But, really I am thankful to not end up knocked out in the hospital, looks like I dodged a bullet. I am better today and only down to the Levaquin (antibiotic) and Neproxen (pain) and inhaler.

I am just so happy everyone else is okay.... whew.... can you imagine a baby having this?!
Thanks to everyone for praying for us, Tim's work for letting him work out of the house, my inlaws for taking David for 2 days, and all the friends and family who have reached out to us.

I seriously didn't know what I was going to do when this happened and having 2 little ones who want their mommy!
I've just learned I need to take care of myself a little better when I get sick.... it's so easy to ignore your own symptoms when you have so many others you are taking care of!

Anyway, just call me "Jen, the Drug Lord" from now on.... I think I've earned my title.


Rachel said...

That's so awful that you got pneumonia!!!! When Samuel had it he was miserable like I've never seen him before. Now after your wonderful description, I know why!!! And he was so sore because he got 2 of those shots in his legs. He couldn't even walk!!! I hope you are back to normal soon! I am also thankful for good insurance after 2 rounds of xrays although our antibiotic bills were nearly $100 after copays!

Calley and Josh Willis said...

Oh Jen!
I had no idea what you have been going through! You are so tough! I am glad you are down to only a few meds now. let us know if you need a break from the kids....
Love, Josh and Calley

Sara said...

I had no idea! I am glad you are on your way to recovery and wished I could have helped. Of course I would have taken those sweet babes of yours! That's what I get for not checking my email for 3 weeks! On Tuesday I was waiting for everyone to come over for group...finally asking Chris where everyone was. He then informs me it was cancelled. Maybe a smart phone is a good idea? Let me know if I can do anything!

Anonymous said...

Aw girl! I hope that you can get lots of rest and feel better soon! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

The high school kids get off the bus at 3- you could probably make a little dough off this "sickness"

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