Mackenzie is UNO!

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!!

Today, all of your playgroup friends came over!! I completely spoiled you and let you have pizza and cake all day. Tomorrow, we will throw a big family sha-bang! Can't wait to post pictures of you in your Tu-Tu you have not taken off!!!! These are your super cute party favors that mommy made. Hey, I can be crafty when I try... but, I totally stole them off another blog... Christmas birthdays can be so fun! Also, I made you a birthday CD and gave to all your little baby friends, so darn cute.

You are quite adorable and very girly. You are laid back, easy going, and know how to handle your older brother.... but, shhhhh. I think you melt even David's heart!! You have been very clingy to mommy recently, but I think it's because your two front teeth are about to pop through!

You are a perfect addition to our family and we thank God he gave you to us one year ago today!
Happy Birthday little M!!!


Ashley said...

Love the new header. Happy birthday, Mackenzie!

Ashly said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie! Enjoy your family party:)

Brandon and Jamie said...

AHH I LOVE that fam pic in the header. ya'll are so cute!! happy bday M!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed!!!!! Happy Birthday Mackenzie! I can't wait to see her on her little car!

The Mauntel's said...

The big picture at the top of your blog just hit me -- I think it's fitting Tim is holding the dog. He wasn't strangling it, was he?

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