Ready for 2010!

Here are a few pics from Christmas! We had a blast celebrating the birth of Christ, our Savior, with our kids this year! David was VERY excited. He kept asking where Jesus was and why he wan't showing up for his birthday party. Ha! He left Santa milk, cookies, and a note. He also fell asleep staring out the window on Christmas Eve looking for him, hilarious!
You name it, they got it. Grandparents gave them the moon itself! David got his gum and powertools. They also both got a playhouse and kitchen.

The kids on our way home from Christmas festivities!!! Isn't M a peanut?

Here is me holding David's new bedding that Mimi got him! Also one of my favorite christmas gifts was a CHI hair straightener. You will only understand how fabulous this is if you have curly hair. It's amazing.

Probably my favorite thing we did, was on the day after Christmas went on a kid free vacation with some of our best friends! It was their friend's cabin up in Blueridge and literally on a river. It was awesome to just pack up and leave the chaos and aftermath of Christmas. I hope we make it a tradition!

Greg, you are ridiculous and here is Jessica and Holly in their new snuggies.

Some of my favorite pics from Christmas .... David and Chef

Mackenzie getting into the toilet paper.... what a mess..

Mackenzies "fur coat" she got! She is going to be a diva... also, SHE STARTED WALKING TODAY!!! I need to get video on here asap. 12 1/2 months, I am so sad.The best part... she loved the ribbon and paper more than any gift she got!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We are cleaned up from Christmas, motivated, and ready for what the Lord is going to bring us in 2010. Can I note that I did fall out of the attic trying to put up Christmas decorations?! That stupid ladder that folds up basically got stuck and I fell with it to the ground. I am bruised up, but no broken bones! What else? Well, please women of the world don't hate me, but I am trying to gain around 5-10 lbs. I am not putting how much I weigh... but I do weigh 25 lbs less than I did in high school, and no, i wasn't fat... a "normal" size i guess... I think the business of 2 kids and then pneumonia is what did me in. Just a week ago, the pain from pneumonia in my sides finally left. It is so awful!!
Anyway, I figure why not try during the holiday season! Tim is helping me out... however, he says he isn't too excited about it b/c he is not trying to gain weight!
Speaking of Tim, he has started a little side business to try and bring some extra income in until things change.... he started a handyman business!! He has had quite a few jobs! I'm so proud of him :) He has had a lot of time off b/c he never took any vacation days until now, so I am loving it! He had to take them b/c they don't roll over and you can't get paid for them. No complaints here!
Oh, and we have watched about 1,000 movies. I love it. Every night we lay on the couch and watch movies by the fire after the kids go to bed!!! We've seen: Elf, Four Christmases, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Valkeri, My Sisters Keeper, The Ugly Truth, Julie and Julia, The Blindside (@ the movies), New in Town.... oh my gosh and I think more. We have loved just chilling out!! We are in movie mode for some reason!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!! We praise the Lord we have much to be thankful for from 2009 and anticipate His plans for us for 2010!

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