Comic Relief

There is so many things I've been meaning to blog about and have had no time!! Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes, we had a great weekend! My parents watched the kids and we just went to downtown Atlanta. We stayed at the W Hotel and ate dinner at Two Urban Licks. Everything was a blast, but it was a little "trendy" overload for me. Everything was pretty extreme. Super nice, but just like Ikea on steriods. We laughed a lot and caught up on things since it's hard during the week!

I took him and Mackenzie bowling this week with his playgroup. Not really the greatest idea.... Mackenzie kept running down the lanes and the ball was kinda too heavy for David to lift. I felt very out of control with them there. The worker brought out the handicap ramp for them to roll the ball down... this helped, but they would drop the ball trying to put it up there. I'm pretty sure my middle toe is broken. Anyway, it was super cute watching them... they thought they were big stuff.
We did pick a good sport for David though, soccer!! He starts Soccer Tots soon and will play on Saturday mornings for 2 months... I'm very excited about this energy outlet for him!

She is starting to follow in big brother's crazy foot steps a little. She is the toilet paper princess.... She will all the sudden come flying out of the bathroom with the end of the roll and sprint off. By the time I catch her... its all empty. So, if you come potty here, I have a basket of TP by the bathroom, just break some off.
She also has started to hide. She will go into cabinets, under beds, behind doors, and wherever. She is so tiny and can fit about anywhere. She will hide and not say a word. It totally freaks me out. The other day, the only reason I found her was because she had gone poopy, and I sniffed her out.
Lastly, when she walks.... it's hysterical. She shakes her little toosh and prances around, she even holds her hand out. We have a little princess on our hands here.

Lastly, the witch, aka our neighbor!!! Okay, Im so glad I finally have eye witnessing so people can testify to my stories. Jess and Greg, Sara and Chris, and Mike and Emily all got the pleasure of meeting her...
1.She showed up during our small group one night in a full blown black wedding dress. I invited her in so that everyone could see for themselves. Sure enough, mouths hit the floor. Black wedding dress and combat boots. She also has long, white frizzy hair. I asked her what she was doing and she said she just liked the dress and was going to be in a band some day.
2.She came over and showed me a necklace she was ordering and had a package with her. It was a necklace that you can get your DNA put in if you send them blood and hair samples. She said she was going to get her and her dead bird's DNA put in a necklace vile together. OOOOOkay. So, i asked her what was in the package and she told me viles of her and her bird's blood. Then she asked me how long I thought her bird would stay good for in the freezer!!!! Oh, no!
3. She has 500 birdfeeders in the backyard and has started to have cats come and stalk out the birds. Her solution: She has lined her yard with chicken wire and has water balloons filled with coyote pee that she is going to launch at them!!! This is how she will scare the cats off... of course.
What is going on??!!!!

On that note, our house is listed on the FMLS, MLS, and realtor.com now so can everyone join me in prayer that we'd get a buyer???!


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Hahaha I wonder how the HOA feels about all of that!

Cecilia said...

Wow, sounds like an interesting neighbor! I'm glad y'all had such a good anniversary weekend!

Emilie Smith said...

In your house info did you mention that you have a really cool neighbor?!?! That is really funny! (and weird!)

Anonymous said...

But she is practically an M.D. sooooooo just call her in case of an emergency.

Anonymous said...

How does she get coyote pee?!?!

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