These are my two best friends from college, Stephanie and Jamie.

About 2-3 times a year, we all get together and have a girls weekend. Stephanie lives in Augusta, Ga and Jamie lives in Columbia, SC.
These girls feel like my sisters because we met and were in the same bible study throughout college, they met tim when i did, we went on summer trips together, been in eachothers weddings, been through funerals, births, pregnancies, and just about everything together! We were so young when we met! I love you guys!!
Steph is pregnant with her first baby and Jamie just had her second..... so up to Columbia we went! We have so much fun together. One of the highlights this weekend was shopping for lingerie.... because really, what husband will ever get mad if you spend money on that?!!! we are so smart. =)

Anyway, I had to share this ridiculous story about my venture home. I had left my debit card in my back pocket of my jeans and left my jeans at home. I also had cut up and paid off every credit card we own last week b/c I got really pissed off at a company. So, I had my license and check book. No big deal.... I just went in to Publix, bought something, and wrote out a check for over. So, this was my same easy game plan for the ride home.
So, on the way back home I go to the Publix in Augusta and buy a candy bar and write a check. The cashier tells me i need to go up to customer service. Weird.
So, her and the Customer Service Manager (CSM) go to a back room.
the CSM comes out and this is our convo:
CSM- Mam, we are going to have to ask you a few questions
Me- Okay... shoot!
CSM- We are looking at your check, and where exactly is this Canton, Ga located?
Me- blink. blink
and then... "Seriously?"
CSM- yes, mam
Me- Well, its Northwest Ga, approx 30 miles north of Atlanta.
CSM- okay, we are going to need you to just hold on....
***** the store manager (SM) is paged and shows up******
They all 3 talk and he begins questioning me.
SM- So mam, you say you live in this 'Canton,Ga' and can you just show me your license?
I show him.
SM- Mam, why are you here in Augusta?
Me- I came to see a friend that just had a baby.
SM- When did you arrive in Augusta, Ga?
Me- Friday night
SM- And when are you going back to this Canton Ga?
Me- Tonight!!! Im trying to go there tonight!!
SM- Mam, just where exactly is Canton, Ga again... we just have never heard of it.
I start getting super annoyed and kinda go off.
Me- Okay people. Canton, Ga exists. I have been arguing with 3 people the last 20 minutes about if a place that i have lived at for almost 4 years is real. My check is good. If you want to really know, I left my debit card at home in the back of my jeans. Im here visiting a friend, and Im just trying to get some cash for gas on the way home since gas stations dont take checks. Im a wife and mother and my dad is a store manager of publix. Either cash my check or give it back so I can go somewhere else so i can go home! And, if you have a map.... Id be glad to show you that Canton is on the map.
From there we had no more issues. They apologized and sent me on my way.

Isnt that ridiculous?? My dad said they must have had a lot of check fraud there or something. I just can believe they thought I was making up a city. Ridiculous.

But, funny. Fun times.


Brandon Smith said...

Great story, normally I don't look at blogs (Jamie's dept.) but you posted a picture of my hot wife that I had to see.

Tell me, where exactly is Canton, GA?

Brandon and Jamie said...

loved seeing ya'll!!!! thanks for making the trip up to SC! oh, and Bradford wore his new outfit to make his church debut!! thanks again!

The Berls said...

So hysterical...I was so close to parking the car and coming in...then they would have felt real bad...they definitely would have recognized me since I pretty much live there:) Love you friend!

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