I got TP'ed

Just before you think things are all nice and rosy over here.... let me just tell you that even though the 3's are easier in some ways, David is still up to his antics. He is very curious.

So, despite him drawing on himself, spraying out all the air freshener onto the wall, using his saline nose spray as a water gun, and me discovering a "hiding spot" in the back of the closet he has been stashing stuff in....

this is the best:

Sometimes after washing clothes I'll find a toy in the wash, maybe a shoe sometimes.... David will explain to me that it was dirty and needed washing too.

Well, when I opened the washer this morning, I discovered everything was completely white, cottony, and everywhere. I called David and soon came to the realization it was TOILET PAPER!!!
He said he needed to wash it! So, my clothes basically looked paper mached. That is the only way I can describe the stiffness of it all.
So, I put them in the dryer so it would pull off all the cotton.
Bad idea.
This is some of what came out, the rest is in my vacuum cleaner. Oh well! After a few washes, I think it has lost some of the "snow" look.

Happy Friday!


Cathy said...

Wow, too funny!

Cecilia said...

Oh my!

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I actually did that once when I was nannying- I washed a newspaper with some sheets by accident and totally freaked out when I went to put them in the dryer and they looked like paper mache!! I had to wash the sheets a jillion times and bleach them to get the ink out- they still didnt look the same...

The Berls said...

Sad day! Good thing daddy gets to experience both for a whole day by himself very soon!

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