I don't know why....

I don't know a lot of things. In fact, the more I know... the less i understand.
One of the things I can't seem to understand is why our life seems to be so dramatic. Tim and I would both like to think we are laid back, go with the flow people. We just have the most bizarre, crazy, and out of the ordinary things happen to both of us... all the time.

After much debate on sharing this, I decided, why not?
Obviously, we are followers of Jesus and are pretty open about that. We both have no problem sharing our faith and the beliefs that we have. Christ has changed our lives and we put all our faith, hope, and dependence on Him. We are not perfect people, and do not try to be, and thus I blog about that. We like being real and telling it how it really is.

So, here goes. It's about the next door neighbor Wiccan, aka, the witch.
So seriously, she actually tries to even look like a witch, long grey hair and all.
She came over yesterday and brought by a "belated christmas present". I had given her some Christian books and the book of John from the Bible.
Anyway, one of her gifts was this.
It was a spell, a real spell.. in a box. It was a brown 5" x 5" box. It had weird stuff in it: feathers, keys, dried things, ect...creepy.
She said it was a "love/happiness" spell for our family. And to cast the spell, we would have to chant a scroll inside the box while throwing the contents of the box on the floor. Then, the spell would be cast.
Okay, yes this happened. I would post pics, but needless to say it was only in our possession for about 5 minutes. Tim discarded it. We were going to take it back to her, but who really wants to piss off a witch?
Now, obviously this silly box has no power over me, but it just felt really creepy and we didn't want it in our home... i really can't describe it.

I am just claiming John 4:4 for my family and I. "Greater is He that is within me, than he that is in the world."

I am discouraged she also gave me back my books/Bible I gave her. She said a psychic confirmed her Wiccan ways. I apparently don't have a knack for witnessing to witches... Any other thoughts????? I'm a little lost here...
I can't believe a witch gave me a spell! Did I mention we are trying to sell our house? This should be a great selling feature, free spells.
Super Freak for sure.


Anonymous said...

As a selling point....

"Neighbors are amazing...witch who lives next door: will cast spells, and neighbors 10 doors down who stop by all the time at all hours."

Elisa Rose said...

I don't have any good comment except: wow. and DON'T be DISCOURAGED! :) that's all.

The Borgs said...

Wow! Jen, I am praying for your family and that woman! I have no advice, but let us know if you are able to talk to her in the future!

Cecilia said...

Haha, we didn't have any witches, but the first time we met our neighbors in TX they told us 'they weren't looking for a relationship'. Bri and I had to stifle a snicker until we got inside. Gotta love neighbors.

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