Valentines Day pics!

Here are pics from the kid's Valentine's party! Above is us at the party, David and his friend Aidan, and the super cute cupcakes his mommy made! They were so cute exchanging their valentines with eachother!

Miss Mackenzie also turns 14 months today! She is still tiny! She sleeps 8 to 8 like Dave, and takes an afternoon nap from around 1 to 4. She chatters none stop and says hi, bye, night night, dada, mama, dadid (david), da (dog), ot (hot)....that's all i can think of! She is very fast and loves giving hugs and kisses all the time. She is definitely sugar and spice =)

Dave is still wild man! He is becoming quicker to listen and obey. I definitely think the twos were the hardest and the threes have been easier, for us! It's just funny to watch little boys. I took him to the "bounce house". He literally lunged off the top of a slide backwards, and head first. He is hilarious, no fear, and going to be just like his daddy.

They are so different! It blows me away!
Mr. Willis also had sweet plans for our Valentines Day. He brought home candy and flowers, had my mom come babysit, took me out to eat, and to see the Valentine's Day movie. It was a good movie. It wouldn't have been that great of a movie if there weren't 30 different actors in it though!! We relish our alone time and it is still so fun to be in love. Valentine's Day always reminds me of how much I love being married, you need those reminders sometimes, ha!! But, seriously babe, I'm so in love with you!

It has been a fun week with love in the air!! hahah!

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The Polk Family said...

Hi, I am Brandi Beals' sister. She and my husband went to school together so we sometimes look through her blog friends to see if anyone we know had started a blog! BUT I saw yours and know you from somewhere... but can not figure out where! Did you go to Mount Paran North?! For some reason that is sticking out to me. If not, Maybe North Georgia? Anyways- Im not a psyco haha just trying to figure out where I know you from!! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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