Easter Weekend Hoopla

So, here is the annual Easter Bunny picture. Very funny this year to talk to David about what Easter means.... after we hammered out that Santa was not going to be at the egg hunt, we got on the same page. There was also a petting zoo at this Egg Hunt, it made for great entertainment, Mackenzie was not gentle with the baby bunnies so I had to tell her no, and that is the sappy face she gives me. Me and Dave's convo today:
Me: "David, Easter is when we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. What do you think about that?"

David: "Jesus loves me, mommy."

Me: "Yes he does sweetheart."

David: "And Jesus takes care of me, and you, and daddy, and kenzie."

Ah, how refreshing to get reminded by my 3 year old that Jesus does take care of us. Precious. I can't help but to feel an adventursome spirit as we are a couple of weeks away from the closing on our home. We are so excited to sell and move into our next home that God has for us. The timing of Tim getting laid off is obviously not ideal, but I love that we completely have to trust him to provide a new job and home for us. And, I know he will.

We both always joke about never wanting life to be boring, monotanous, and easy. So, we are definitely none of those things right now. I love my family, my husband, and the adventure that God has us on.

And more importantly, here is my new little nephew, Joshua (aka little josh). Oh my goodness, he is the cutest! I am such an over the top aunt, and already miss this little dude so much. Congrats Josh and Calley, he is a perfect little angel!

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